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Using the built-in web server

The ColdFusion built-in web server lets you install and use ColdFusion without requiring you to obtain and install a separate web server. To configure the ColdFusion web server, you edit several text files in the ColdFusion installation directory.

About terminology
This article refers to the location of web-server configuration files using the following format:





cf_root specifies the ColdFusion installation directory. The defaults are c:\CFusionMX in Windows, and /opt/coldfusionmx in UNIX.
web_root specifies the web root of the built-in web server. The default is cf_root\wwwroot.

When editing the web-server configuration files, you might have to enter pathnames to files or directories. Macromedia recommends that you always enter paths using the forward slash, /, rather than a backslash, \, as the path separator, even when configuring Windows systems.

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