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Enabling alternative filename extensions

By default, ColdFusion expects all ColdFusion pages to use the file extension .cfm or .cfc. However, ColdFusion can process files with different extensions as ColdFusion pages. To do so, you add a filter mapping to ColdFusion by editing the file web_root\WEB-INF\web.xml where web_root is the root directory of your web server.

Note: Use this same procedure add a filter mapping even if you are using another web server such as IIS or Apache.

To create a filter mapping:

1 In a text editor, open the file web_root\WEB-INF\web.xml.
2 Add a servlet mapping to the web.xml file for the new extension.
For example, for ColdFusion to recognize files with the extension .vic as ColdFusion pages, add the following servlet mapping:
3 Save the file.
4 Restart the ColdFusion server.
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