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Disabling file browsing

When you omit a document name from a URL, and only specify a directory, the built-in web server attempts to find a default document. If found, the web server returns the default document. For more information on setting up default documents, see Adding a default document type.

If the web server does not locate a default document, and file browsing is enabled, the web server displays a file listing of the directory. Each file and directory in the listing is a link. Clicking a directory opens it; clicking a file sends a request to the web server for that file.

By default, file browsing is enabled in the built-in web server. Use the following procedure to disable it.

To disable file browsing:

1 In a text editor, open the file cf_root\runtime\servers\default\SERVER-INF\default-web.xml.
2 Locate the following code in the file:
3 Change the param-value to false.
4 Save the file.
5 Restart the ColdFusion server.
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