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Adding a virtual web mapping

A virtual web mapping lets you map a physical system path to a logical resource path that might be outside the ColdFusion MX web root. For example, you might want to map the physical directory c:\myapp\resources\images to the logical resource path /images. After setting up the mapping, users access the directory using a URL in the following form:


One advantage to using virtual web mappings is that it hides the physical layout of your application directory structure from users.

To configure a virtual mapping:

1 In a text editor, open the file web_root\WEB-INF\jrun-web.xml.
2 Create a virtual mapping.
For example, the following entry maps the c:\myapp\resources\images directory on a Windows system to the virtual directory /images:





Note: Remember to use forward slash characters in the pathname.
3 Save the file.
4 Restart the ColdFusion server.
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