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Using Macromedia Flash Remoting MX with Macromedia ColdFusion MX

To use Macromedia Flash Remoting MX with Macromedia ColdFusion MX, you build ColdFusion pages or ColdFusion components. This article replaces the Flash Remoting chapter included in Developing ColdFusion MX Applications with CFML.

Because this subject is too long to read easily in a browser, it is available as a downloadable file in Windows format.

download using_frmx_with_cfmx.pdf (PDF, 232K)

When the file decompresses, a file named using_frmx_with_cfmx.pdf is created on your system.

If you have trouble downloading or decompressing the files, see TechNote 13686.

Article Information
Author: Stephen M. Gilson

Last Updated: 23 September 2002

Keywords: Flash Remoting MX, ColdFusion MX, Flash, tutorial

Doc ID: 9938