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Internationalizing Macromedia ColdFusion MX Applications

To accept and render internationalized content correctly, an application requires appropriate locale variable values, character sets, and character encodings. This article explains these elements, and how to use CFML tags and functions to specify the character encoding and language of input and output data in an application and a web browser; it includes example CFML pages.

Locales and ColdFusion Code: Changes,Tools, and Locale-Specific Information

This article explains the changes in Macromedia ColdFusion MX that concern the locale construct—a set of geographic, language, and variant variables that let an internationalized application dynamically determine how to process and format time and date values, currency values, and other elements in a way that is appropriate for a user. ColdFusion MX uses standards from the Java locale class. Earlier ColdFusion versions used a non-standard set of locale variables.


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