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About locales

The locale construct is a set of geographic, language, and variant variables that let an internationalized application dynamically determine how to process and format time and date values, currency values, and other elements in a way that is appropriate for a user.

A locale value is composed of the following values (some systems use only the first one or two):

An ISO 639 two-letter language code
An ISO 3166 two-letter country code
A variant value

Locale settings control the punctuation and spacing of currency, time and date values, and the unit symbols used with them. For example, if a computer's locale setting is Norwegian(Bokmal), the value 100,000 can be formatted with the LSCurrencyFormat function, according to its type attribute value, as shown in the following table:

Type attribute value Output if locale = Norwegian(Bokmal)

kr 100 000,00


NOK100 000,00


100 000,00

ColdFusion MX uses standards from the Java locale class. Earlier ColdFusion versions used a non-standard set of locale variables. This article explains changes in how ColdFusion processes and uses locale values. For more information on the Java locale class, go to

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