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Locale-specific changes and issues

This section lists locale-specific issues that might cause an incompatibility with ColdFusion 5 applications:

In ColdFusion MX, the ListSort and ArraySort functions sort elements in a slightly different order than they do in the ColdFusion 5 Japanese version. ColdFusion MX sorts characters by Unicode char number. (The ColdFusion 5 Japanese version sorts characters by shift_jis char number.)
In ColdFusion MX, the decimal number display format in a browser depends on the system locale of the computer that is hosting ColdFusion MX (not on the language version of ColdFusion MX). For example, on a computer with the system locale set to a German or French option, the ColdFusion MX English version displays the decimal point as a comma, according to the system locale option (not a period, according to the ColdFusion language version). (ColdFusion 5 displays a period for the decimal point regardless of the system locale.)

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