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ColdFusion MX Updater Release 3
Release Notes
Part 2 -
ColdFusion MX Issues Fixed in this Release

March 19, 2003

This document is the second part of the ColdFusion MX Updater Release 3 Release Notes. It lists the issues that are newly resolved by ColdFusion MX Updater Release 3. Updater releases are cumulative. As a result, the bugs listed in Part 3 -- Issues Fixed in Previous Updater Releases are also fixed by Updater 3, and you do not have to install Updater 1 or 2 before you install Updater 3.

Other Parts of the Release Notes
Part 1 -- Known Issues and Installation Instructions
Part 3 -- Issues Fixed in Previous Updater Releases
Part 4 -- Installed Files, Uninstalling, and Installing the Update Silently


  • In these Release Notes, cf_root refers to the directory where ColdFusion is installed or deployed. By default, you install ColdFusion MX Server in C:\CFusionMX on Windows and /opt/coldfusionmx on UNIX. You deploy ColdFusion MX for J2EE Application Servers in a directory that depends on the application server.
  • This list uses the headings of the ColdFusion MX TechNote Known ColdFusion MX Issues wherever possible.
  • This Updater addresses the known Linux issues described in the TechNote ColdFusion MX Support on Linux.
  • The Updater 3 release includes relevant security patches released in the Macromedia Security Zone.


CFML Tag-Related Issues

The following issues with the ColdFusion CFML tags have been fixed. Other categories also include tag-related issues; for example, the WDDX section includes cfwddx tag bugs.

Issue ID
The Security certificates used for ColdFusion tags that incorporate Java applets, including cfgrid, cfslider, and cftree, expired in December 2002. 49276
The cfpop tag produced a error when retrieving bounced e-mail messages. 48798
The cfpop tag did not properly decode a From field string if it was enclosed in double quotation marks ("). 49907
If an error was thrown inside a cfquery tag, the enablecfoutputonly value was set to no. 48741
The cfexecute tag always waited for the period set by the timeout attribute to complete before returning, rather than returning when the requested process completed. 48300
A cfhttp query with the columns attribute specified did not ignore invalid column names in the retrieved file if the first row of the retrieved file did not contain the names specified by the columns attribute. This behavior differed from ColdFusion 5. 48121
The cfhttp tag, when used to perform a GET operation on a remote URL over HTTPS, recognized certificates from VeriSign and Thwaite only. ColdFusion now recognizes many more certificate authorities, including Entrust and Equifax. 47272
In a cftree tag block, the output from the cftreeitem tags appeared under the parent item based on the tag's placement in the code, not according to the value of their parent attributes. 47077
The variable attribute in a cffile tag had to be the name of a ColdFusion variable. For example, it could not be an array element. This behavior differed from ColdFusion 5. 46491
Using the cffile tag in a cfloop tag body resulted in type casting errors. 48649
The cfldap tag with a modify attribute did not work correctly when passing multivalue attributes. 47729
The cfchart tag was not compatible with Sun JVM 1.4.1. 49857
The cfmail tag did not encode the strings in any field except Subject. All fields, including , such as To, From, CC, and Reply-to, are now encoded using the same technique as the Subject field. See bugs 49596 and 49223. 49034
If you used the cflocation tag and set the the addToken attribute to No, ColdFusion would append the jsessionid to the URL used to invoke the specified page. 49530

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CFML Function-Related Issues

The following CFML function-related issues have been fixed:

Issue ID
The DateCompare function incorrectly returned 0 if the two parameters were within one hour of each other. 49187
The DateCompare function did not recognize the difference between AM and PM. 49448
The QueryAddColumn function generated java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exceptions when adding a query column to more than 17 rows. 48786
The Rand and RandRange functions did not work properly in a custom tag that was called more than once on the same page. 48183
The GetHTTPRequestData function returned an empty string in the content area of a POST request if you passed an XML document with a content-type of text/xml in the content area. 44426
Using getpageContext().forward('pagename.cfm') to do a server side redirect threw an error if there is any data in the Form scope.


COM-Related Issues

The following issues with COM have been fixed:

Issue ID
ColdFusion MX did not properly handle COM objects that have an invalid ProgID value and generated an "AutomationException: 0x80020005 - Type mismatch" error. One symptom of this problem was that the Microsoft Word COM object saveAs() method did not work with 2 arguments. This error was introduced in Updater 1. 49279
All COM objects were treated as having Java stubs or not having Java stubs based on the last object created. For example, if an object without a stubbed object was invoked and then a stubbed object was invoked, a subsequent use of the non-stubbed object would throw a null pointer exception. 48903
Passing input arguments to a COM object would fail if the typeifno flags for the argument in the object specified input=false, output=false, and returnValue=false. This problem affected the use of some third-party OCX objects. ColdFusion now assumes that if output=false and returnValue=false, the argument is an input argument. 37009
COM objects could be released prematurely after you provided the object as an argument to a method of another object. 48900

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General Server-Related Issues

The following general server issues, including data handling issues, have been fixed:

Issue ID
If ColdFusion failed to connect with the database manager, the error message would indicate a JDBCPool error, and not show the cause of the problem. 48118

On Solaris and Linux, if you installed ColdFusion MX and immediately installed Updater 2 without running ColdFusion MX first, all ColdFusion pages returned 404 errors until you deleted the cf_root/WEB-INF/cfclasses directory. This problem occurred with all web servers, including the default server that is included with ColdFusion MX.

ColdFusion did not always handle binary data properly. This problem affected both the ccfqueryparam type="CF_SQL_BLOB" tag and the cffile action="READBINARY" tag. 48188
Under some circumstances, ColdFusion MX set the size of some of its properties and xml files to 0 bytes. 49453
ColdFusion, could cause unexpected crashes in the Microsoft IIS web server. 49984
The Updater now configures Windows to restart the ColdFusion MX ODBC Server service one minute after the service fails. 50025


Code Analyzer-Related Issues

The following issue with the Code Analyzer tool has been fixed:

Issue ID

The following Code Analyzer settings are now configured by default:

  • The default severityScope is set to "Error".
  • The Validate CFML checkbox is selected.
  • All tag, function, and other features are selected.


ColdFusion MX Server Edition-Specific Issues

ColdFusion MX Server incorporates an integrated version of the JRun J2EE application server. Updater 3 for ColdFusion MX Server updates this server to JRun SP1a. For information on the JRun Application Server bugs fixed in this update, see the JRun SP1a Release Notes.


ColdFusion MX for J2EE Application Servers Edition-Specific Issues

The following issues that apply only to ColdFusion MX for J2EE Application Servers editions have been fixed:

Issue ID
Under load, the ColdFusion MX for J2EE Phase 2 Class loader could deadlock.


If you used the JRun 4 or WebSphere administrative interface to create a data source, the data source was not available to ColdFusion Administrator or ColdFusion pages. This bug affected J2EE Phase 2 installations (EAR or WAR file deployment) only. 49964
The Dreamweaver MX Component Browser would not work with ColdFusion MX for J2EE Server. 47665
Errors could occur if two ColdFusion MX J2EE applications ran in the same J2EE server instance and used the same docroot. 50049

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Database-Related Issues

The following tables list database-related issues that have been fixed. The first table lists issues that are common to all database management systems. The tables that follow list issues for specific database systems.


General Database Issues

Issue ID
Client variable database storage has been optimized to improve performance during insert and update of client variables into CDATA table. The core table could lock at times, causing performance issues.
In Updater 2, ColdFusion did not properly handle escaped single quotes in queries. 49944
Queries with column names that contained Chinese characters or spaces generated exceptions when used to create updateable result sets. 15003728
If a result set of a SELECT statement contained double-quoted delimited column names, it could not be updated by the database driver. 15003730
Execution of a stored procedure that contained a numeric output parameter generated an exception when the output parameter was registered using registerOutputParameter(index, Type.NUMERIC) instead of registerOutputParameter(index, Type.NUMERIC, scale). 15003780
An ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception could be generated when using two different drivers in the same application. 15004752


DB2-Specific Issues

The following issues with accessing and using DB2 databases have been fixed:

Issue ID
A table name returned from ResultSet.getTablename was being qualified with the schema name. 15003983 returned true when the result set was scrolled past the end for certain result sets. 15003945
Using table aliases in SELECT statements that included CLOB columns generated a "reference to column is ambiguous" exception. 15003445
Package sections were not being reused for statements that do not require a cursor. This would cause an "exceeded maximum number of statements" exception to be thrown when reusing prepared statements for noncursor statements. 14004322
The database driver could incorrectly generate a " Pooled connection reclamation not supported" exception.

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Oracle-Specific Issues

The following issues with accessing and using Oracle databases have been fixed:

Issue ID
The following bug affected Updater 2 only: Errors could occur with Oracle Reference Cursors when used with packages containing multiple procedures. These errors were caused by a problem with the updated JDBC driver provided with Updater 2.


If you used an Oracle 8 database with the Oracle OCI driver as a client variable store, "Invalid operation for read only resultset: updateString" errors occurred when using client variables. 49475
If you used a Japanese Oracle 8 or 9i database as a client variable store, you got errors using either the Oracle JDBC driver provided in ColdFusion or the Oracle JDBC driver thin client. 48945
If you updated a data source using the Oracle 9i thin driver and immediately did a SQL SELECT operation, ColdFusion took all processor time until the page timed out.

Note: This problem resulted from an Oracle driver bug. While the Updater resolves this specific issue, it does not fix the underlying Oracle problem. Oracle 9i drivers version or higher fix this problem. For more information, see the Oracle website.
An "unimplemented or unreasonable conversion requested" occurred when executing a stored procedure and passing long (> 2000 chars) string parameter values. 15004081
An SQLException occurred when attempting to execute a stored procedure that returned a reference cursor. 15004114
The driver did not correctly handle replies from Select for Update statements. 15004167
An Invalid Number exception could occur when executing inserts with numeric parameters to an EUC database. 15004097
The Oracle JDBC driver now provides correct column names, even when synonyms are used. 15003527
The driver sometimes generated an exception when executing a stored procedure that returned a REF CURSOR.

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SQL Server-Specific Issues

The following issues with accessing and using SQL Server databases have been fixed:

Issue ID
When using database pooling (the default), a cfquery could fail with an "Invalid column name" error if it used a stored procedure that returned multiple result sets. 48793
The cfinsert tag failed on the second iteration when used in a loop. 48189
An aggregate function with a SQL Server data source using selectMethod=Cursor threw the following error if the column being calculated contained a null value: "sp_cursorfetch: The cursor identifier value provided (0) is not valid." 48822
The cfstoredproc tag generated errors when using multiple nested cfprocresult tags to obtain results of aggregate queries (for example, using COMPUTE BY) in stored procedures. This problem was introduced in the Updater 2 drivers. 49748
The driver was returning the euro character as a ? when connecting to SQL Server 7. 15004084
Re-executing a prepared statement when the previous execution returned multiple results and all those results were not fetched caused incorrect data to be returned on the subsequent execution. 15003828
Selecting from an empty table generated a "No ResultSet was produced" exception instead of returning an empty result set. 15003748
Only code pages specified by the SQL Server were used when performing character conversions. 15004293
The driver could generate an XAException error under heavy traffic load with multiple threads. 15005051
Under some circumstances, a "Data type not supported" exception could be thrown when setting stored procedure integer parameters. 15005097


Sybase-Specific Issue

The following issue with accessing and using Sybase databases has been fixed:

Issue ID
Calling a Sybase 12 stored procedure with the syntax cfquery exec procname did not return any data if the stored procedure contained more than one statement. 48423

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Web Service-Related Issues

The following fixes and improvements have been made to web services:

Issue ID
Updater 3 includes Apache Axis version 1.0. This release includes numerous bug fixes and should improve interoperability with some web services. N/A
.Net web service clients could not consume any ColdFusion component (CFC) web services that returned a query. N/A


Flash Remoting-Related Issues

The following fixes and improvements have been made in ColdFusion MX Flash Remoting support:

Issue ID
ColdFusion Updater 3 installs the Flash Remoting Updater 1. For information on bug fixes in the Flash Remoting Updater, see the Flash Remoting Updater 1 Release Notes. 50001

All exception objects thrown from the Flash Remoting gateway now have the same format in the Macromedia Flash client. The exception fields are as follows: Details, Description, Code, Type, RootCause.


Access from Macromedia Flash to web services using the Flash Gateway is disabled by default in Updater 3. To enable access from Macromedia Flash to web services add the following DISABLE_CFWS_ADAPTERS Servlet init-param entry to the FlashGatewayServlet entry in the web.xml file that is contained in the flashgateway.ear archive.

< param-name>DISABLE_CFWS_ADAPTERS</param-name>
< param-value>false</param-value>
< description>When set to true, this setting disables the ColdFusion WebServices Adapters in the gateway.</description>
< /init-param>


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WDDX-Related Issues

The following issues with WDDX have been fixed:

Issue ID
The cfwddx tag and WDDXserializer JavaScript object stopped serializing after writing the first 10 elements. 49422
The cfwddx tag did not properly handle packets marked as version 0.9. 49064
The cfwddx tag WDDX2JS action did not properly handle query record set nulls. 48552


Security-Related Issues

This Updater includes all security fixes related to ColdFusion listed in the Macromedia Security Zone through March 19, 2003. It includes several additional fixes that increase protection against disclosing CFML page source code. The following fix, which was previously made available as Security Bulletin MPSB03-01, might require changes to applications:

Issue ID

The cfinclude and cfmodule tags could access a template located anywhere in the file system, even with sandbox security turned on. Sandbox security now requires that the sandbox have Execute access to the directories and files to be processed.

Note: Sandbox security continues to allow the following forms of file access:

  • All custom tag paths specified in ColdFusion MX Administrator are available to every sandbox without being specifically entered in the sandbox file/directory list.
  • The directory tree search for Application.cfm and OnRequestEnd.cfm is not constrained by the sandbox settings; an Application.cfm in the directory above the sandbox directory will still be executed.

See also the Known Issues with this Release entry for bug 48718


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Web Server Connector-Related Issues

The following web server connector issues that affect ColdFusion MX Server when used with an external web server such as Apache or IIS have been fixed:

Users who get Apache 1.3 EAPI warnings, such as the following, must compile an EAPI version of the Apache web server connector with the source provided in wsconfig.jar.

Example warning:
[warn] Loaded DSO /opt/coldfusionmx/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/ uses plain Apache 1.3 API, this module might crash under EAPI! (please recompile it with -DEAPI).

Use the following steps to compile and deploy an EAPI connector:

  1. Configure the Apache 1.3 server using the existing script in /bin/connectors.
  2. Compile the EAPI version of Apache 1.3 by following the steps in the ApacheBuildInstructions.txt file, which is contained in cf_root/runtime/lib/wsconfig.jar/connectors/src/
  3. Replace cf_root/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/ with the complied EAPI version.


A -coldfusion switch has been added to the wsconfig.jar utility. This switch tells the utility that you are configuring a connector for ColdFusion. (JRun also uses the wsconfig.jar utility for connectors.) Use this switch whenever you use wsconfig.jar with ColdFusion. The ColdFusion Updater and the batch files in cf_root/bin/connectors use this switch. 50118
An Upgrade_all_connectors.bat script that upgrades all configured web connectors in Windows has been added in the cf_root\bin\connectors directory. The script takes no arguments. The Updater automatically upgrades all connectors, so there is normally no need to run this script when you install the Updater. This script is available for use if it is needed to independently update the connectors, for example, following installation of a security patch. 50053
A ConnectorList.bat file has been added in Windows that lists all configured connectors. For IIS, it also lists websites on the server that do not have configured connectors. 50125
The -list argument of the wsconfig.jar web server connector configuration program now lists both configured and unconfigured Microsoft IIS sites. 49874
In Updater 3, you can run the IIS_connector.bat script multiple times to add new sites and include them in the "all sites" (-site 0) list kept by the connector installer. Prior to this update, you could run iis_connectors.bat only once. Subsequent runs threw the error: "This web server is already configured for JRun", and you had to add each new site with an separate wsconfig command. (You still must remove sites individually, by using the wsconfig.jar -r -site "mySite" -ws iis -v command.)

Configuring an additional IIS website using the wsconfig.jar -site "site_name" option added a new subdirectory under /cf_root/runtime/lib/wsconfig containing another JRun.dll. 50083

If you added an IIS web site to the global (0) "All" site, you would get a "This web server has not been configured for JRun." error message if you tried to remove the single site individually. You can now remove it by specifying the site number, as indicated by wsconfig.jar -list, or the site name. The site name is case sensitive, . For example, if site 5 has the name web02, you can remove it with either of the following lines:

java -jar wsconfig.jar -r -site "5" -ws iis -v<
java -jar wsconfig.jar -r -site "web02" -ws iis -v

Manually unconfiguring the IIS global site 0 "All" level did not remove the /JRunScripts virtual directory from the "Default Web Site".


The Updater did not shut down ColdFusion MX or ensure that it was shut down when installing the update. As a result, the jrunwin32.dll and jrun.dll files were not properly updated. 50210
No error was reported if the jrun.dll file was locked when running wsconfig.jar -upgrade 50224
wsconfig.jar did not always upgrade connectors due to issues with date-time stamps. It now ignores file dates and always replaces the connectors when you do an upgrade. 50268
Access Violations and -12 errors occurred when the connector was subjected to load before JRun has come up completely. This problem affected all web servers. 49862
The Apache 1.3 processes could go into tight loops for several minutes before exiting, causing all http requests to the affected host to hang.
The connector tried to write message to browser when browser disconnected. 49861
A memory leak existed in the connector when multiple HTTP requests were canceled. 49860
An access violation could occur if IIS did not return headers. 49859
The connector closed the socket to JRun for errors where this was not appropriate, such as client-side (browser) errors or requests for invalid headers or paths. 49882
The connector upgrade process did not not upgrade Apache 2.x correctly. This caused Apache 2.0.xx to fail on startup when trying to load the Apache 1.3 connector.
The jrun.xml file was configured such that ColdFusion MX Administrator Simultaneous Requests settings up to 19, including the default value of 10, could cause server instability or reduced performance. 49030
Updater 2 introduced a memory leak into the IIS connector that could cause performance to degrade over time when running a ColdFusion MX application under load. 49759
Configuring the connector for IIS when IIS was not running but ColdFusion MX was running could throw a misleading "Could not connect to any JRun servers on host localhost" error. 50086
If you used the the iis_connectors.bat script to configure IIS connectors when Apache was already configured as site "1", the connector configuration process generated inappropriate Apache-specific messages.
The jrun.xml file did not set mapCheck=0. This could reduce performance or cause server instability on some platforms.


If JRun, including the ColdFusion MX Server internal JRun server, encountered heavy load on startup, it could return an empty mapping list to a web server connector. This would result in valid requests being rejected. 49478
Under load, Apache 1.3 on UNIX systems would consume increasing CPU resources until the web server stopped responding. 48363
The Apache 1.3 Timeout parameter specified in the httpd.conf file would terminate a long-running ColdFusion MX request. The Apache default value for the Timeout is 5 minutes. ColdFusion now cannot remain stuck longer than the Apache timeout. 56228
Before exiting, Apache 1.3 processes could enter loops that caused http requests to be rejected. 49807
Search engine safe URLs of the form *.cfm/* did not work properly, so a URL such as http:/server/test.cfm/alpha/beta would not execute test.cfm. 48091
ColdFusion MX did not ignore file extensions after a semicolon (;). This has been corrected and ColdFusion now treats a URL such as http://server/test.cfm;.jsp as if it were http://server/test.cfm. 46562
Running virtual hosts under load on Apache 1.3.x could cause memory corruption. 49213
ColdFusion could not always correctly parse Netscape API configuration files. This could result in problems, such as having to restart the iPlanet web server after restarting ColdFusion. 48432
The httpd.conf file used in ColdFusion MX for J2EE with JRun did not properly expose all environment variables required for SSL. 48023
The connector installer did not recognize PA-RISC2.0 as a valid os.arch value for HP-UX 11. 48844
The connector for Apache wrote excess messages to the error_log file when the configuration file verbose directive was set to false. 44557
Apache 1.3.x from IBM would not start when you used the web server connector. This problem did not exist with the Apache releases from 49266
The Apache 2 connector could generate a SEGV or SIGBUS error under some circumstances. 49987
The connector configuration process for iPlanet and Netscape web servers set ignoresuffixmap="true" in the obj.conf file. This setting caused the web server to throw an IMAGEMAP error when serving a welcome page, such as index.cfm, from the Netscape doc root (/docs). The connector configuration process for these servers now sets ignoresuffixmap="false".
The Remove_All_Connectors.bat file in Updater 2 failed and displayed the following, incorrect, error message: 'info Error stopping "World Wide Web Publishing Service" service. The web server must be restarted to complete this operation.' 49884

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Internationalization-Related Issues

The following internationalization-related issues have been fixed:

Issue ID
When using the cfpop tag to retrieve an mail message with an attachment, if the attachment file name has certain Japanese characters, including the Kanji U+6587(0x95B6), U+66F8(0x8F91)
characters, ColdFusion threw a PrivilegedActionException error.


ColdFusion displayed a question mark instead of the Yen symbol if you specified cfchart labelformat="currency" in Japanese locales.


Using Japanese ColdFusion MX on Japanese Windows, if you stored Client scope variables in cookies and used double-byte characters in a client variable, the stored variable would be corrupted.

Note: Macromedia recommends using a database for Client variable storage. ColdFusion does not store double-byte Client variables in the Registry correctly. For more information on multi-byte text handling issues in ColdFusion MX, see ColdFusion TechNote: ColdFusion MX: Using double-byte data with C++ CFX tags and Verity


The cfmail tag used QuotedPrintable encoding for the Subject in all cases. ColdFusion now uses Base64 encoding for the subject field if the charset in the TYPE attribute of the mail equals ISO-2022-JP. See also bug 49034.


The cfmail tag did not use the charset setting to determine the encoding of the To, From, and Subject fields. See also bug 49034.

String operations such as ReplaceNoCase and FindNoCase on strings that contain the German ß character (scharfes S or double S) caused exceptions. ColdFusion no longer generates exceptions in these cases, but such operations can still cause unexpected results. See the Known Problems entry for bug 503040 49548

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Part 1 -- Known Issues and Installation Instructions
Part 3 -- Issues Fixed in Previous Updater Releases
Part 4 -- Installed Files, Uninstalling, and Installing the Update Silently