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Hidden Frames and JavaScript

Using JavaScript in conjunction with a hidden frame will change the way you do ColdFusion development. Suddenly you have the ability to pump dynamically generated content into existing pull-down menus. You can use this frame to run queries and perform database functions without leaving the currently displayed page.

Managing Session-Aware Clusters

Among the many features provided by the Macromedia web server clustering solution, ClusterCATS provides a feature called session-awareness. Session-awareness ensures that when a session begins on a particular clustered web server, it will remain on that server until it is complete.

Locking in ColdFusion

This article discusses locking in ColdFusion, including why locks are needed, where to use a lock, which lock type to use, and what code to put within the lock.

ColdFusion Locking Best Practices

Locking shared scope variables within ColdFusion templates is an often overlooked process that has severe consequences when best practices are not followed. This document explains why the process of locking shared scope variables is important and the corresponding best practices.

ColdFusion Expressions: Operands, Operators, and Other Constructs

This article describes ColdFusion expressions—language constructs that enable you to create sophisticated applications.

Using ColdFusion Variables

This article explains how and what types of variables and query objects you can create in ColdFusion. Subjects include: creating variables; data types; passing variables to custom tags and functions; and scoping.


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