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Macromedia Director Support Center - Basics of Director 3D
Director 8.5 3D tutorial for Director users
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This tutorial is designed as an introduction to the Macromedia Director 8.5 3D features for users who are already familiar with the basic functions of Director. It will familiarize you with the differences between 3D cast members and other cast members. In addition, it demonstrates some of the tasks you'll perform when using 3D models in Director.

Before starting this tutorial, you should have some knowledge of the basic workings of Director. When discussing procedures for working with 3D cast members, this tutorial assumes that you know the basics of Lingo and how to perform many of the more common tasks in Director. If you are not yet familiar with the main features of Director, see the chapter "Director 8 Tutorial" in the Using Director manual or the Director Help.

Click the following links to download the tutorial files. You'll find a starter Director movie called 3D Tutor for Dir User Start.dir, the completed tutorial movie, and a 3D file called Orb.w3d.

Download the Windows source files (188K)
Download the Macintosh source files 3d_for_dir_users.sea.hqx (260K)

For your convenience, the tutorial is also available as a downloadable PDF file.

Download the PDF file for Windows (92K)
Download the PDF file for Macintosh director_3d_for_dir.sea.hqx (120K)

Work with 3D cast members
Exert more control with Lingo
Learning more

Jay Armstrong

Jay has worked with Director since version 4, including roles in Technical Support, Quality Assurance, and Instructional Media. He has written documentation for Director versions 8, 8.5, and MX.


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