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Tutorials and Articles
Director 8.5 3D tutorial for Director users
This tutorial familiarizes Director users with 3D cast members and the most common tasks required to use them.

Director 8.5 tutorial for 3D users
This tutorial familiarizes 3D users with the basics of Director and focuses on using 3D models in Director movies.

Getting oriented to 3D
Use the example movie included in the article to understand the internal structure of 3D cast members.

Extruding 3D text with Lingo
Learn how to convert 2D text to 3D and create 3D text from scratch with Lingo. This article includes an example file that illustrates both techniques.

Moving models and cameras
This article explains how to use the Lingo transform() and translate() commands to move the models and cameras in 3D cast members.

Controlling the surface appearance of models
Learn to manipulate the appearance of the surfaces of your 3D models by applying shaders and textures to them.

Using backdrops and overlays
This article explains how to place 2D images between a 3D scene and its camera and in the background of the 3D scene.

Using primitives
Director allows users to create simple 3D shapes with Lingo. Use the included movies to experiment with creating boxes, planes, and other shapes.

Optimizing 3D performance
This article describes techniques for troubleshooting 3D rendering performance with your video card, driver, or operating system.

Preparing 3D content for Shockwave 3D
This article describes the guidelines to keep mind when creating 3D content you intend to use in your Director movies. The use of the 3D Studio Max Shockwave 3D Exporter is also described.


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