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Macromedia Director Support Center - Basics of Director 3D
Getting oriented to 3D

Macromedia Director 8.5 builds on earlier versions of Director, but the inclusion of 3D features introduces new concepts. Once you're familiar with these concepts, using the 3D features becomes much easier.

This article presents some of the basic concepts you'll need to understand to make use of 3D cast members in your movies. Each of these concepts is also illustrated in the sample movie provided.

Downloads the Windows
Downloads the Macintosh 3d_intro.sea.hqx(237k)

About 3D cast members and sprites
Inside a 3D world
About the sample movie
Creating the 3D cast member
Adding a sphere to the world
Adding a shader
Adding the texture
Animating the sphere
Adding a box
Animating the box

Kraig Mentor, Jay Armstrong


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