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Optimizing resources with the LOD and SDS modifiers

The level of detail (LOD) and subdivision surfaces (SDS) model resource modifiers are essentially opposites of each other: the LOD modifier reduces the number of polygons in a model, while the SDS modifier adds polygons. A model's original polygon count is set when the model is created in a 3D modeling application. The LOD modifier controls the number of polygons used to render the model, reducing the number of polygons dynamically as the model and the camera move farther away from each other.

The SDS modifier adds detail to a model by subdividing the surface into smaller, more numerous polygons in areas the camera is focused on. If you intend to use this modifier, be sure to select the Enable SDS option when exporting your models from 3D Studio Max.

The two sample movies included in this article demonstrate how to apply the LOD and SDS modifiers to models in Director. This article also presents sample Lingo scripts that show in detail how to apply and change these modifiers.

The sample movies
Using the movies
Examining the behavior scripts

Download the Windows source file (180K)
Download the Macintosh source file lod_how_to.sea.hqx (236K)

Download the Windows source file (20K)
Download the Macintosh source file sds_how_to.sea.hqx (24K)

Jay Armstrong

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