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Streaming 3D cast members

In Director, 3D cast members contain complex data that consists of several layers: model resources, models, shaders, textures, lights, and more. Because of these layers, 3D cast members can consume large amounts of memory and can take a long time to download on the Internet. Using Lingo, you can set up your 3D Director movies to stream their 3D cast members and begin using them on the Stage before the entire cast member has downloaded.

Several techniques can help you deliver multimedia over the Internet. You can successfully stream typical media types, such as sound and images, using commands such as preLoadMember , mediaReady , and frameReady . Because these types of cast members have a relatively simple internal data structure, at any given point in time they can be thought of as either loaded and ready for playback or not loaded. For streaming Shockwave 3D (W3D) files however, these commands are not enough. For 3D cast members, the state property has been added to make streaming easier.

This article explains the techniques you can use to stream 3D cast members and includes an example movie for you to download.

Download the Windows source file (256KB)
Download the Macintosh source file box_pusher.sea.hqx (400KB)

Using the state property
Streaming techniques

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