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Making Director movies accessible

With Macromedia Director MX, you can easily make your movies accessible to users who have sight, hearing, and mobility impairments without relying on third-party screen readers.

Read this article and examine the Flags of Italy source file to learn how to make your own Director movies accessible. This article is intended for intermediate and advanced Director developers.

Download the Windows source file (440K)
Download the Macintosh source file drmx_accessibility.sit (400K)

When the file decompresses, a file named drmx_accessibility.dir is created on your system.

If you have trouble downloading or decompressing the files, see TechNote 13686.

Overview: Making Director movies accessible
Using the Speech Xtra
Enabling keyboard navigation
Enabling text-to-speech features
Using captioning
Using accessibility Lingo
Deploying accessible movies
Going forward

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Last Updated: 16 December 2002

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