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Director 8 documentation corrections

The following are known errors in the Director 8 printed documentation, Using Director. Corresponding items in Director 8 Help are correct.

Corrections to Using Director
The following are known errors in the printed version of Using Director:

Section Issue
"About import file formats" in Chapter 3, "Cast Members and Cast Windows"

Microsoft Palette is a supported format for imported palettes. The list of supported palette formats should include this.

The Overview for Chapter 10, "Movies in a Window"

The end of this section incorrectly states that the Behavior Library contains behaviors related to MIAWs. The Behavior Library has no behaviors that control MIAWs.

Corrections to the Lingo Dictionary
The following are known errors in the printed version of the Lingo Dictionary:

Entry Correction

The following is the correct syntax for the addVertex command:

addVertex (member whichCastMember, indexToAddAt, PointToAddVertex(hLocation, vLocation), [controlPoint1(x,y), controlPoint2(x,y)])


When dither is TRUE , Director dithers a bitmap cast member displayed at a color depth of 16 bits or less.


The duration property is also available for sound cast members. However, the value of duration being 0 before streaming begins applies only to Shockwave Audio sounds.


The result listed for a successful network operation is incorrect. A successful network operation returns OK , not 0 .


DirectSound is missing from the list of possible values. The following entry should be included as the first bullet item in the list of possible values:

DirectSound (Windows)--A sound device Xtra that permits low-latency audio playback performance on Windows and ensures reliable playing, mixing, and switching between different audio sources such as Director, AVI, and QuickTime sound. DirectSound is the default value for soundDevice .

This Xtra requires DirectSound 5 or later from Microsoft. The DirectSound Xtra (Directsound.x32) and Microsoft's DirectSound must both be available in order to work.

Windows NT 4 does not support DirectSound.

Lingo by Feature, Bitmaps section

The callAncestor command is incorrectly listed as a command related to bitmaps. The callAncestor command is unrelated to bitmaps.

Lingo by Feature, Sound section, entry for Sound information

The volume sprite property is incorrectly listed as a property that gives information about a sound. The volume property does not give information about sound sprites. Also, play() and startTime are related to sound.

Lingo by Feature, Xtra section

The Xtra section should also list interface() .