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Why and how to use linear lists

Developers tend to avoid lists, maybe because they don't know what to use them for. That's a shame, because lists are extremely powerful.

You might use a list to keep track of the names of your friends. Just a few other ways to use lists include: to keep track of which chapters have already been viewed by the user; to track which cards are on the table; to track which animation to play next, or which frame in the animation; or to pick a sound effect at random, as long as it's one that you haven't used yet.

This article is about linear lists, as opposed to property lists, and how you can use multiple lists to store a variety of information about things you need to track.

What is a list?
Creating position-dependent lists
Manipulating lists

Tab Julius

Tab Julius is editor/publisher of the Lingo User's Journal and author of the book, "Lingo! An advanced guide..." by New Riders Publishing.He also runs Penworks Corporation, makers of custom and commercial Xtras and other multimedia software.

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31 October 1997