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Managing multimedia production

This advice about managing a multimedia project comes from James Khazar, multimedia producer for Macromedia's instructional media department. James has worked in multimedia for 14 years, starting before it was called multimedia.

Multimedia design and development is a complex, arduous, and harder-than-you-think proposition. Producing multimedia projects with quality, at a reasonable price, and on time calls for thinking things out ahead of time; establishing goals and milestones; and working with teams of brilliantly creative people who work like dogs. It's not that much different than any other kind of project where you build a one-of-a-kind product.

A healthy multimedia production process is tailored to the type and scale of the individual project, but certain concepts apply no matter what you're developing. These concepts are: Always plan ahead, keep the client informed, track the implementation against the plan, and test the results.

This article gives you an idea of how I develop a multimedia project. I hope that these ideas make your project go smoothly.

Design phase

James Khazar

James Khazar serves as the art director for Macromedia's Instructional Media group. His interactive and multimedia show me examples and snippets can be seen in Director, Flash, and Dreamweaver Help systems and in Developers Centers.

24 September 1997

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