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Streaming Shockwave

The GeoFacts Japan streaming Shockwave movie plays here.

The GeoFacts streaming shockwave movie begins to play before it is entirely downloaded from the internet. Cast members stream in the order in which they appear in the Score.

To see how streaming was implemented for this movie, download the GeoFacts source file and study the Score layout and scripts.

For more information about streaming, play the associated Show Me movie "Streaming Shockwave.dir" in Director Help.

Note: The amount of time it takes to load the first section of GeoFacts varies depending on your connection speed. The first section takes about 5 seconds on a 14.4 modem, 3 seconds on a 28.8 modem, 1 second on ISDN, and may be undetectable on connections faster than ISDN.

Download the Windows source file for this piece  (234k)
Download the Macintosh source file for this piece  (273K)

Lee Swearingen and Cathy Clarke

DXM Productions


24 September 1997