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Director and Internet security

Director includes features to prevent developers from harming a user's computer or revealing unauthorized information. Read this article to learn how Shockwave movies playing in a Web browser are automatically restricted in several ways.

Using the XML Parser Xtra

The XML Parser Xtra allows Director movies to read, parse, and make use of the contents of XML documents. Read this article to learn how to use the XML Parser Xtra to access the contents of an XML document through Lingo or convert the contents to a Lingo list. Once your movie has read an XML document, use this article to help you define actions that the movie performs based on the contents of the XML document.

Lingo dictionary for XML

Use this dictionary to find the Lingo commands you need to make use of the new XML Parser Xtra.

How does Shockwave auto-update protect the privacy of sensitive URLs

Learn how sensitive URLs are handled by the auto-update feature in Shockwave Player.

Suggestions for streaming media and working over a network with Director

Get tips on streaming media in your Director and Shockwave movies.



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