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Suggestions for streaming media and working over a network with Director

The following suggestions are offered by Jake Sapirstein, the principal tester of the streaming features in Director. These suggestions are valid for Director 7 or later.

Use Save and Compact before streaming DIR files
Avoid complex animation while streaming
Create an introduction scene
Use placeholder media
Redraw the Stage to display streamed cast members
Use Lingo commands that help manage streaming media
Use getStreamStatus to check the status of a movie's stream
Make sure sounds are loaded before using puppetSound
Upload as binary raw data
Use preloadNetThing before importing external media
Streaming internal and external media
Understand the order of movie file media and the order of streaming

Jake Sapirstein

Jake Sapirstein is one of the principal testers of the streaming features in Director 7.

stream, Save and Compact, preloadNetThing, getStreamStatus, internal media, external media, puppetSound

7 June 2002