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Using the XML Parser Xtra
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The XML Parser Xtra allows Director movies to read, parse, and make use of the contents of XML documents. Using the XML Parser Xtra requires that you know something about the structure and content of the documents you are parsing. You can then access the XML document's contents through Lingo or convert the contents to a Lingo list that is meaningful to you and your movie. Once your movie has read an XML document, it can perform actions that you define based on the contents of the document.

For example, an XML document might describe the structure of a molecule for an educational chemistry application. Once the movie has parsed the XML that describes the molecule, it could use that information to draw an accurate visual representation of the molecule on the screen. In this case, the movie must know ahead of time that the XML document describes a molecule and not a grocery list in order to make logical use of it.

This article provides the following information about XML and using the Director XML Parser Xtra:

What is XML?
Using the Xtra
Using XML document nodes
Accessing attributes
Parser objects and XML nodes
Treating white space
XML and Character Sets

For your convenience, this article is also available as a downloadable PDF file.

Download the Windows Using the XML Parser Xtra PDF (52k)
Download the Macintosh Using the XML Parser Xtra PDF use_xml_parser_xtra.sea.hqx (64K)

See the Lingo Dictionary for XML for information on individual Lingo terms.

Jay Armstrong

Jay has worked with Director since version 4, including roles in Technical Support, Quality Assurance, and Instructional Media. He has written documentation for Director versions 8, 8.5, and MX.

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