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Director Developer Center

Learn about using Lingo and programming techniques in the Director Developer Center.

Extruding 3D text with Lingo

Learn how to convert 2D text to 3D and create 3D text from scratch with Lingo. This article includes an example file that illustrates both techniques.

Property lists

Use the power of property lists to create data-base-like interactions.

Troubleshooting Lingo

Learn how to use the debugging features in Director to help you find and fix Lingo code that isn't doing what you want.

Using an ancestor's UI in a behavior

Learn how to include the properties of an ancestor in a behavior dialog box.

Why and how to use linear lists

Learn the difference between linear lists and property lists and see how to use linear lists to store and track information.

Director property lists by object

This reference lists each Lingo property categorized by object and indicates if each property is settable.



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