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Creating animated textures for 3D models using Lingo

Creating animated textures and applying them to 3D models is a great way to add special or realistic effects to 3D models you create or import into Macromedia Director.

This article explains how to use Lingo to create an animated texture from a Lingo generated image object at run time, and apply the texture to a 3D model in a Director movie. The RealCube example movie supplied with this article, uses the video (included in the download) playing in the RealMedia cast member as the image source for the texture animation. You can use the same process with any animated cast member, or using imaging Lingo with a series of Lingo image objects or bitmap cast members. You cannot animate textures imported from a W3D file. If you want to animate a texture in a W3D file, you need to obtain the original source file and create a texture from it using Lingo.

The steps in this article reference Lingo code in the RealCube movie to outline the process of using Lingo to create animated textures for 3D models, but are not intended to be used as a step-by-step process for writing the complete behavior script. See the 3D Sprite behavior script in the RealCube movie to view all of the necessary code.

This article is for intermediate Director users who have a working knowledge of the Lingo programing language, and assumes that you are familiar with the information in the Using content for RealMedia in Director documentation and in the What's New in Director 8.5 manual.

Download the Windows source file (1.1MB)
Download the Macintosh source file create_animated_texture.sea.hqx (1.5MB)

The following topics are covered in this article:

About the RealCube example movie
Creating a primitive model
Creating a texture object and assigning it to a 3D model
Animating the texture

Author - Marcelle Taylor

Marcelle Taylor is a Senior Technical Writer for Macromedia. She writes user and reference documentation for Director and Flash.

Video production - Jenny Suter is a QA Engineer for Director

Director movie developer - Tom Higgins is the Director product specialist


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