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Publishing Video with Director MX and Flash Communication Server MX

With Director MX, you can use the advanced features of Flash MX in your Director movies. This includes sending and receiving video streams via Flash Communication Server MX. Some features of Flash MX can be used in Director with Lingo scripts alone. Other features require a Flash cast member as well as Lingo.

Publishing and receiving video with Flash Communication Server requires a Flash cast member containing a named video clip instance on stage. This article describes the sample Director movie Lingo_Videochat.dir in detail, including the Flash cast member it uses and the Lingo scripts that control it.

This article is intended for users who have a basic understanding of Lingo. For more general information about using Flash ActionScript objects in Lingo, see Chapter 11, Using Flash and Other Interactive Media Types in the Using Director manual.

Download the Windows source file (56K)
Download the Macintosh source file director_flashcom.sit (48K)

Looking at the Lingo_Videochat.dir movie
The Connect button behavior
The Flash sprite behavior
The initiateConnection handler
The myOnStatus callback handler
The initiateStreams handler
The endSprite handler

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Author: Jay Armstrong

Jay has worked with Director since version 4, including roles in Technical Support, Quality Assurance, and Instructional Media. He has written documentation for Director versions 8, 8.5, and MX.

Tom Higgins

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Last Updated: 16 December 2002

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