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Director QuickStart for Flash users: Part 1
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This Director QuickStart is for advanced Flash users interested in learning more about the capabilities of Director and how to integrate their existing Flash content into Director projects.

The Director QuickStart for Flash users article is organized into two parts that can be used separately or together. You can download a PDF file of the entire Director QuickStart for Flash users (Parts 1 and 2) using the following links:

Download the Windows file (488K)
Download the Macintosh file quickstart_flashusers.sea.hqx (648K)

Part 1 of the QuickStart tours the Director user interface referencing Flash elements and procedures using Flash terminology as much as possible.

Part 2 of the QuickStart contains instructions for creating animation and user interaction in Director, and explains how to use a button controller created in Flash to control media in a Director movie.

The Director QuickStart for Flash users Part 1 covers the following topics:

Why use Director?
Comparing Director and Flash
Director basics
The Stage
The Cast window
The Score and the Control Panel
The Property Inspector
Tools for creating cast members
The media viewer windows
Flash cast members
The Library palette and Behavior Inspector
The Script window
The Message, Debugger, and Watcher windows

Marcelle Taylor

Marcelle Taylor is a Senior Technical Writer for Macromedia. She writes user and reference documentation for Director and Flash.


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