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Using Flash 5 cast members in Director 8.5 movies

This article discusses how to use Macromedia Flash 5 cast members in Macromedia Director, including using the new Lingo terms for working with Flash cast members: call , tellTarget , endTellTarget , print and printAsBitmap , and uses the getVariable and setVariable commands to access variables in nested movie clips. The new sendXML Lingo command is not discussed in this article.

Two example movies, MoneyCounter.dir and flashMovie.fla, are supplied with this article. The flashMovie.fla is the source file for the flashMovie.swf used to create the Flash cast member in the MoneyCounter movie. Before reading this article, download these movies, play them, and read the comments in the code.

Download the Windows source file (64KB)
Download the Macintosh source fileusing_flash_in_director.sea.hqx (72KB)

This article is for advanced and intermediate Director users who have a working knowledge of the Lingo scripting language, and who are familiar with the basics of Flash 5 and ActionScript. You should be familiar with all of the information related to Flash in the Using Director manual and the What's New in Director 8.5 manual. Additional information about working with Flash cast member can be found in TechNotes 14115 and 14070.

This article covers the following topics:

About the new Lingo terms for Flash
About the MoneyCounter.dir example movie
Examining the MoneyCounter movie behavior scripts

Author - Marcelle Taylor

Marcelle Taylor is a Senior Technical Writer for Macromedia. She writes user and reference documentation for Director and Flash.

Flash/Director movie developer - David VanderVoort

David is a member of the Director Technical Support team.


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