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Director Concepts: Rich Media Types

Vector Shapes and Bitmaps

Tutorials and Articles

Controlling vector shapes with Lingo
Director's multiple-curve vector shapes provide flexibly and use very little disk space. Learn how to get the most out of them by controlling and animating them with Lingo.

Optimizing bitmaps in Fireworks for Director 8
Learn about a convenient feature in Director 8 Shockwave Studio that lets you select a bitmap and launch Fireworks to view the bitmap at different compression settings. When you determine the ideal compression setting in Fireworks, Director updates the bitmap to reflect the new compression setting.



Tutorials and Articles

Extruding 3D text with Lingo
Learn how to convert 2D text to 3D and create 3D text from scratch with Lingo. This article includes an example file that illustrates both techniques.

Specifying chunk expressions with dot syntax
Director's dot syntax isn't limited to accessing properties and functions. Learn how to use this feature to access specific characters, words and paragraphs within text and field cast members.


Field Lingo
Complex scrolling text
Scrolling text


Sound and Video

Tutorials and Articles

Director Developer Center
Learn how to develop rich applications in the Macromedia Director Developer Center.

Quick Start: Macromedia QT3 Asset
Using Lingo to control QuickTime VR movies


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