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Quick Start: Macromedia QT3 Asset

The Macromedia QT3 Asset extends the power of QuickTime 3 to your Director movies and Shockwave projects. The QT3 Asset provides full, seamless support for playing QuickTime 3 movies within Director, and new Lingo extensions let you take advantage of some of QuickTime's powerful new features, such as the ability to rotate or scale movies.

This Quick Start guide provides an overview of the Asset, and a Show Me movie demonstrates how to achieve sophisticated effects using Lingo.

To find out more about the QT3 Asset, click one of the links below:

What you can do with the QT3 Asset
Requirements for the QT3 Asset
Adding QuickTime 3 media as a cast member
Using QuickTime 3 media in a Director movie
Using QuickTime 3 media over the Internet
Using QuickTime 3 media with Lingo

Download the QuickTime 3 source files


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7 June 2002