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Using RealMedia content in Director
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The Macromedia Director Xtra for RealSystem Streaming Media (Xtra for RealMedia) allows Director developers to add streaming RealMedia content to Director Shockwave movies. With the standard Director controls, cast members and sprites created from RealMedia can be rotated, skewed, stretched, colorized, used as textures for 3D models, and combined with other sprites to create interesting audio and video effects. Lingo programmers can use the new RealMedia-specific Lingo and standard cast member and sprite Lingo to create additional effects. Any content you create using the Xtra for RealMedia can be viewed by users who have RealPlayer 8 and the Shockwave player.

Because this topic is too long to read easily in a browser, it is available as a downloadable PDF file in the following formats.

Download the Windows source file (196k)
Download the Macintosh source file xtra_for_realmedia.sea.hqx (272K)

Author - Marcelle Taylor

Marcelle Taylor is a Senior Technical Writer for Macromedia. She writes user and reference documentation for Director and Flash.

Video production - Jenny Suter is a QA Engineer for Director

Director movie developer - Ken Day is a Director engineer

3 April 2001

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