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Specifying chunk expressions with dot syntax
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Lingo's dot syntax makes it much easier to refer to specific pieces of text within text members, field members, and string variables. These pieces of text are called chunks. A chunk expression is a specific type of Lingo expression that points to a particular chunk of text within a text or field member or string variable. Chunk expressions can point to specific characters, words, paragraphs, or other items of text that you define. Using dot syntax to specify chunk expressions makes parsing and manipulating text much simpler.

You can use these capabilities to format individual words or sentences, find specific strings within text, and edit the contents of text and field members.

Types of chunk expressions
Working with lines, paragraphs, and words
Working with items
The count property

Jay Armstrong

Jay has worked with Director since version 4, including roles in Technical Support, Quality Assurance, and Instructional Media. He has written documentation for Director versions 8, 8.5, and MX.

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2 March 2000