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Playing animations

When a 3D world is created outside Director and imported as a cast member, it may contain animations—called motions in 3D parlance—that can be played back in Director. When motions are present in a 3D world, Lingo is used to play them back in a Director movie. There are two types of motions that can be created in a 3D modeling application and imported into Director 8.5: bones motions and keyframe motions. Each uses a slightly different Lingo technique for playback.

This article describes the Lingo that can be used to play the two types of motions, and includes two example movies that demonstrate this Lingo.

Download the Windows (416k)
Download the Macintosh bones_player.sea.hqx (584k)

Download the Windows (36k)
Download the Macintosh keyframe_player.sea.hqx (48k)

Defining the two types of motions
Looking at the bones example movie
Walking, crouching, and punching
Jumping and kicking
Looking at the keyframe example movie

Jay Armstrong

Jay has worked with Director since version 4, including roles in Technical Support, Quality Assurance, and Instructional Media. He has written documentation for Director versions 8, 8.5, and MX.

10 April 2001

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