Authorware Release Notes

Authorware 7.01 Release Notes

This release of Authorware corrects several known issues. Read the Authorware 7.0 Release Notes for more information.

XML Export/Import and PowerPoint Converter

  • XML Export/Import now properly handles the Preserve System Colors setting.
  • Braces in display and interaction icons are now correctly reproduced in XML Import/Export.
  • Button Responses now include Labels and are Active when imported through XML.
  • The list separator on non-US systems no longer causes XML Import/Export and PPT to fail on building display icons.
  • XML Import now properly loads external functions from U32s. (The U32s need to be present and in the path of the file to be able to load a function.)
  • XML Import now can set paths to external media even if the media is not present.
  • There is now improved error handling.
  • Icons with missing internal media now properly result in a red icon and an import error message in the icon title.

User Interface

  • Tooltips now appear on the Tools Palette.
  • Speech.x32 descriptions have been corrected.
  • Previously, the Paste button in the Functions and Variables panel was active when library linked icons were opened from the flowline, causing a crash. This has been fixed.
  • The Options button no longer opens multiple Xtra Options dialogs from the Property inspector.
  • Panel docking behavior has been improved.
  • Changes to a response's icon in the Property panel were not saved if the same response was double-clicked on in the presentation window before taking any other action.
  • The Property inspector now updates the coordinates of responses when they are moved on screen.
  • The Navigation Icon Property panel no longer shows Entire File twice in the Framework list.
  • Clicking on the icon title of a newly pasted icon now changes the Property inspector focus.
  • Large system font settings no longer cause the Property inspector controls to be cut off.
  • The Button Editor now accepts pasted images when opened from the Property inspector.
  • The Property inspector now updates the size and location of a button when editing buttons in the presentation window.
  • Save and Compact can no longer affect Navigation icon settings made through drag and drop.
  • Save and Compact can no longer affect Erase Icon settings changed through the Property inspector.
  • Variables greater than 32K now display in the Variables panel without causing a crash.
  • The Property inspector no longer interferes with the operation of commands and/or wizards.
  • The Property inspector and other panels now properly re-open in their last known position.
  • Panels restored in a closed state have the indicator properly showing closed.
  • The activation of the Property panel has been fixed. If the Property panel is showing icon properties and a user selects file properties, the panel switches contents rather than closing.
  • The Variables, Functions, and Knowledge Objects property panel activation has been fixed and now operates as expected.
  • The Movie icon now correctly shows empty state in all cases.

Open Properties and Target Functions

  • GetVariableList() now returns the correct #type for system variables.
  • GetIconContents and BuildDisplay now correctly format the data for fills, lines, and colors. The data returned from GetIconContents can now be used with BuildDisplay to recreate the icon.
  • ImportMedia and BuildDisplay functions now properly handle external files based on expressions.
  • The #which property for #awEraseList now works for all response types, instead of just Buttons.
  • The properties for the Text Tab in the Text Field Properties dialog now work with get and set.
  • RTF Export and Import now properly format embedded variables in text.
  • The following text entry properties are now retained on export/import:

    awEntryTextFont awEntryTextBold
    awEntryTextItalics awEntryTextUnderline
    awEntryTextMode awEntryTextSize
    awEntryTextForeColor awEntryTextBackColor

  • The following file properties now are now retained on export/import:

    awFontmapTitles awFontmapCalcs
    awFontmapKeywords awFileButtonWait

  • The following File Navigation Setup options are now retained on export /import:

    awNavMaxPages awNavHilightColor

  • The SetIconProperty now correctly sets the initial position for movie icons.
  • All items returned from GetIconContents now correctly include the #Attributes property.
  • Changing #awMovieMode with SetIconProperty now correctly builds the matte for the movie.

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Previously, external content file paths could not exceed 127 characters. The limit is now 255 characters.
  • The file converter is no longer needed to convert Authorware 5.x and 6.x files to Authorware 7.01.
  • On Microsoft Windows 98 machines, serialization is only needed once when using upgrade serial numbers.
  • The JavaScript engine now properly halts all scripts when the presentation is paused or restarted in Authoring mode.
  • Entering an empty expression field value in the Batch change dialog no longer causes a crash.
  • Previously, setting the system to Croatian could cause an error on loading certain files. This has been fixed.
  • Save In Model no longer causes a crash under some conditions.
  • RepeatString now correctly uses the new, longer variable lengths.
  • The problem in the range check for the DVDFreeze property has been fixed.

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