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Our product manuals are available in PDF format for download or online viewing. You can also purchase printed copies of most manuals from the Macromedia Online Store. In addition documentation may also be available in Macromedia LiveDocs format.

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Breeze Installation and Configuration Guide (HTML | PDF | Download)

Breeze Installation and Configuration Guide presents information necessary to install and configure Breeze Server on a single server or on a cluster of servers.  You will learn how to implement single sign-on for Breeze and other enterprise applications, integrate Breeze users and groups with an organization’s directory service, and configure Flash Communication Server for secured traffic.

Breeze Integration Guide (HTML | PDF | Download)

Breeze Integration Guide includes information necessary to make application programming interface (API) calls on the Breeze server from your external system, such as a web application. You’ll also learn how to interpret the XML results that Breeze returns. In addition, the documentation contains reference material about each API and its parameters.

Breeze Manager User Guide (HTML | PDF | Download)

Breeze Manager User Guide offers valuable information and step-by-step instructions for those who create and manage Breeze meetings, content, courses, and curriculums using the Breeze Manager web application.

Breeze Meeting User Guide for Hosts and Presenters (HTML | PDF | Download)

If you’re hosting or presenting a Breeze meeting, Breeze Meeting User Guide for Hosts and Presenters delivers the information necessary to take advantage of Breeze Meeting features. Learn how to moderate a chat, dial customers into your meeting, share your screen and files, use audio and live video, and much more by following the step-by-step instructions in this guide.

Breeze Meeting User Guide for Participants (HTML | PDF | Download)

Breeze Meeting User Guide for Participants explains concepts and procedures that participants should understand to interact effectively in a Breeze meeting.

Breeze Presenter User Guide (HTML | PDF | Download)

The Macromedia Breeze Presenter User Guide provides complete information about using all of the features in Breeze Presenter. Detailed procedures are included for installing the program, creating presentations, designing the look of presentations, adding audio, including quizzes, publishing to a Breeze server, and working with presentations in Breeze.

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