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Macromedia Breeze 3.07 Release Notes

This document addresses issues that are not discussed in the Macromedia Breeze documentation. This document may be updated as more information becomes available.

What's New
System Requirements
Helpful Tips & Known Issues with Workarounds
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What's New

New - Breeze Live

With Breeze Live, you can now combine pre-authored content with live interactions for a more engaging user experience. Use Microsoft PowerPoint slides, live and recorded video, Macromedia Flash animations, live screen sharing, audio, and two-way text chat to deliver measurably more effective presentations. Review the key benefits of Breeze Live, and explore the feature tours for detailed descriptions of Breeze Live module features.

New – Breeze Homepage

This release introduces a new personalized homepage for Breeze users. The homepage includes a listing of the user’s enrolled courses, scheduled meetings, useful documentation links, and provides the ability to manage profile information such as time zone and password. This homepage provides a convenient starting point for users of Breeze to quickly access and engage with Breeze content and meetings.

New – Breeze Integration APIs

Macromedia Breeze provides a complete rapid training and communications solution for authoring, delivering, and tracking courses and meetings. This solution provides significant return-on-investment as a standalone application, however, many customers may wish to leverage these application features in conjunction with other enterprise systems. Leveraging the integration services available within Macromedia Breeze, customers can take full advantage of existing investments to provide the lowest cost-of-ownership and a rapid return-on-investment.

Enhancement – Reporting

Breeze reports have been extended to include information on Breeze Live meetings. This enables organizations to track meeting attendance in order to measure the reach of their real-time communications.

Enhancement – SCORM 1.2 Support

In an effort to continue to support industry standards in the area of LMS integration, this release includes compliance with SCORM 1.2, including fully compliant meta-data. This allows organizations to fully leverage their existing LMS investments with the Breeze solution.

Enhancement – Additional content-types support

The Breeze solutions content-type support has been extended to address the most common types of learning and communication needs. The Breeze solution now supports the following content types: PPT, JPG, SWF, and FLV.


Additionally, the following two items were new in Breeze 3.04:
Account Authors Group
You must now be a member of the account authors group in order to publish presentations to the Breeze server.

"My Content" Folder
Every account author gets his own private sandbox folder, referred to as "My Content" folder. By default, only the account author and members of the Account Administrators group have permissions to access this folder. Account authors can use their personal folders as a staging area for their web presentations, until they are ready to move it to the main content directory.


System Requirements

All Breeze Users are required to have one of the following Web Browsers installed. In addition, the table below details the additional system requirements for each Breeze user role.

Web Browser

Windows (98se, ME, XP, NT 4.0, 2000)
Internet Explorer 4.0 or later
Netscape Navigator 4 or later
Netscape 6.2 or later (with standard install defaults)
Compuserve 7 (2000 & XP only)
Mozilla 1.0 or later
Opera 7

Macintosh (8.6, 9.0 - 9.2, OS X 10.1 or later)
The Flash Player Netscape plug-in works with:
Netscape 4.5 or later (OS 8.6 - 9.2 only)
Netscape 6.2 or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 or later
Mozilla 1.0 or later
CompuServe 7 (OS 10.1 or later)

Linux (RedHat Linux 7.2 or later)
Mozilla 1.1 or later

Breeze Role Supported OS Additional Requirements

Content Viewers

Course Learners

Breeze Live Participants

Windows (98se, ME, XP, NT 4.0, 2000)

Macintosh (8.6, 9.0 - 9.2, OS X 10.1 or later)

Linux (RedHat Linux 7.2 or later)
Macromedia Flash Player 4 or higher for presentations and courses

Macromedia Flash Player 6 or higher for video and Live
Breeze Live Presenters Windows (98se, ME, XP, NT 4.0, 2000)*

Macintosh (8.6, 9.0 - 9.2, OS X 10.1 or later)

Linux (RedHat Linux 7.2 or later)

* Windows OS required for presenters to present with screen sharing.

Macromedia Flash Player 6 or higher
Optional: Web Camera, Microphone
Content Authors

Course Developers
Windows (98se, ME, XP, NT 4.0, 2000)

Macromedia Flash Player 4 or higher

Breeze Microsoft PowerPoint Plug-in

Microsoft PowerPoint 97

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000

Microsoft PowerPoint XP


Helpful Tips & Known Issues with Workarounds

Breeze Live

  • Breeze Live does not support playback of audio in PowerPoint presentations loaded into the Content object. As a result, PowerPoint presentations that include animations synchronized with audio will not play correctly inside the Content object. Workaround: Load a PowerPoint presentation with no audio.
  • Flash movies embedded in PowerPoint presentations do not display when the presentation is loaded into the Content object. Workaround: To use Flash movies with Breeze Live, load them into the Content object directly.
  • Flash movie (.swf) files loaded into the Content object may function abnormally or cause unexpected behavior if the movie attempts to create or modify variables in the root level of the meeting. Workaround: Test any Flash movies you intend to use in the meeting room before attempting to use them in a live meeting.
  • Breeze Live supports the display of PowerPoint slides containing quizzes and surveys, but does not support the tracking of user responses inside a meeting. Workaround: To track user responses, use Breeze Training features to set up a course, enroll users and send a notification of the course location via email.

Breeze Presentation

  • Animations included on PowerPoint's slide master are not supported in Breeze. Workaround: Include animations on individual slides instead of the slide master.
  • Numbered lists and alphabetized lists are converted to bulleted lists when converting the PowerPoint presentation on the server. Workaround: Use bullets in slides instead of numbered or alphabetized lists.
  • PowerPoint presentations will fail to upload if any portion of the local file path contains non-ASCII characters. Workaround: This is not a problem if drive is NTFS instead of FAT32.
  • Fonts used to author a PowerPoint presentation must also be installed on the server. If a font is not available on the server, the unavailable font will be substituted with Arial during conversion. For presentations using fonts for multi-byte character text, this font substitution will corrupt the display of the text during conversion.
  • Animated GIF files are not supported.
  • When a new user is created, a subfolder is automatically created for the new user in the Users Content library. This folder should not be moved from its default location.
  • Embedded fonts in PPT presentations are not supported for fonts that have not been installed on the Breeze server.

Breeze Training

  • Using the Quizzes and Surveys doesn't function with multi-byte text. After inputting they are displayed as question marks. Workaround: Edit the multi-byte text directly in PowerPoint.
  • When setting up quizzes or surveys that require users to answer questions or answer questions correctly before proceeding, specify forward-only movement if you wish to prevent users from revisiting questions and changing their answers.
  • Quiz slides and elements should be constructed through the Quizzes and Surveys dialog. Cut, copy and paste operations on quiz/survey elements may corrupt the PowerPoint file and introduce conversion errors when the file is uploaded to the server. Using the Quizzes and Surveys dialog to construct and manage quiz content is strongly recommended.


Support Resources

For further assistance, please check out the resources on the Breeze Support Center.

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