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Macromedia Breeze 3.07 Updater Release 1

This document applies to the Macromedia Breeze 3.07 Updater Release 1. This Updater release works with licensed versions of Macromedia Breeze 3.07.

The following release notes describe the issues with Breeze 3.07 that are fixed in this release of the Updater, and provides information on installing and uninstalling this Update.

Breeze 3.07 Issues Fixed in this Release

Macromedia Breeze 3.07 Updater Release 1 addresses the issues described in the following sections.

Breeze PowerPoint Plug-in Related Issues

Issue ID
Breeze Quiz Wizard - Step 1 or 5 - there are two UI elements with keyboard shortcut of _N_. 57867
Custom Feedback Dialog - fields that display text should not be editable, as text edited here is thrown out when this dialog is closed. 57869
Upload Fails if the PPT file name or a super-folder contains MBCS (wide characters) 60047
Pass Fail dialog on Quiz Results page keeps resetting 'click anywhere to continue' text if you go back and edit in the wizard. 60426
File name corrupted (illegible) in the Upload Progress dialog when filename is Japanese. 60690
White space in MBC font appears as small round string circle in edit or import audio dialogs. 60707
"Quizzes and Surveys - Wizard" dialog box doesn't function with MBCS. After inputting they are displayed as question marks. 60934
MBC text on a record narration slide is lost if you click the "import".    62478
'Import' in recording audio fails to import all slide notes. 65883
Tabbing away from open "insert flash movie" dialog gets PPT into a bad state. 72203

Breeze PowerPoint Builder Related Issues

Issue ID
Control marker timing depends on animation timing. 57991
Timings of "Pause before Animations" pauses seem too early. 58030
Vertical text animated at the text box level fails in the builder. 58035
Chat url highlighting only works with strings containing one URL. 75766
Animation applied at "X level paragraph" only works for the first group of bullets. 76177
Presentations with audio are difficult to control in Live. 76606
Presentations fails to build. Multiple

Installing the Updater

Installing Breeze 3.07 Updater Release 1 on Windows

  1. Make a backup your \breeze\appserv\ directory.
  2. In the Windows Services panel, stop the “Macromedia Breeze Application Service.”
    1. Click on Properties for the “Macromedia Breeze Application Service”.
    2. Select Manual for “Startup Type”.
  3. Reboot the server you are running Macromedia Breeze on.
  4. Unzip the “” file and run the self-extracting executable contained inside.
    NOTE: By default, files will be installed into C:\breeze. If Breeze is located elsewhere on your system, please specify the location of the directory containing the Breeze directory when running the installer. For example: If Breeze is located in e:\files\breeze then specify e:\files\ in the installer.
  5. In the Windows Services panel restart the “Macromedia Breeze Application Service.”
    1. Click on Properties for the “Macromedia Breeze Application Service”.
    2. Reset it to Automatic for “Startup Type”.
  6. If you are also running Breeze Live restart the “Flash Communication Administration Server” from the Windows Services panel.
  7. Verify that the install was successful by going to http://<yourserver>/servlet/admin, and placing the mouse over the text in the upper right corner which says “Account Administration.” A box should appear saying “breeze_307_r146” indicating that your version has successfully been upgraded.

Contacting Breeze Support

If you have any questions, please contact the Breeze Support Center.

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