Adobe Connect Release Notes

Macromedia Breeze 4.1 Updater Release 1

This document applies to the Macromedia Breeze 4.1 Updater Release 1. This Updater release works with licensed versions of Macromedia Breeze 4.1.

The following release notes describe the issues with Breeze 4.1 that are fixed in this release of the Updater, and provides information on installing and uninstalling this Update.

Breeze 4.1 Issues Fixed in this Release

Macromedia Breeze 4.1 Updater Release 1 addresses the following issues.

Issue ID
User with Manage permissions for Course receives Not Authorized message using the Course By Users report. 95509
CSV reports that contain a duration or a time-taken column has corrupt data in it. 95944
UTF-8 text in CSV is unusable in MS Excel. 95799
Audio/Video is sometimes out of sync in the Breeze Live camera and voice pod. 96139
Deleting meetings while there are active users creates ghost users in the account. This impacts concurrent user quotas. 96233
It is possible to corrupt the database by creating circular group references. 95873

Installing the Updater

Installing Breeze 4.1 Updater Release 1 on Windows

  1. Make a backup your \breeze\appserv\ directory.
  2. In the Windows Services panel, stop the “Macromedia Breeze Application Service.”
    1. Click on Properties for the “Macromedia Breeze Application Service”.
    2. Select Manual for “Startup Type”.
  3. Reboot the server you are running Macromedia Breeze on.
  4. Unzip the “” file and save the self-extracting-executable - 'Breeze_41_Updater_r1.exe' - and the 'patch.bat' file contained inside.
  5. Run the self-extracting executable.
    NOTE: (A) By default, files will be installed into C:\breeze. If Breeze is located elsewhere on your system, please specify the location of the directory containing the Breeze directory when running the installer. For example: If Breeze is located in e:\files\breeze, then specify e:\files\breeze in the installer. (B) If you get errors about files being locked, make sure that you have stopped the Breeze service as described in step 2 and rebooted. All files in the updater must be installed for your Breeze service to work.
  6. Copy patch.bat into the root directory of your breeze install (e.g. C:\breeze).
  7. Open a command prompt window, and change to the root directory of your breeze install. execute "patch.bat". You should see "patches complete" near the end of the output. If there are errors, follow the instructions to correct them.
  8. In the Windows Services panel restart the “Macromedia Breeze Application Service.”
    1. Click on Properties for the “Macromedia Breeze Application Service”.
    2. Reset it to Automatic for “Startup Type”.
  9. If you are also running Breeze Live restart the “Flash Communication Administration Server” from the Windows Services panel.
  10. Verify that the install was successful by going to http://<yourserver>/common/version.txt. You should see the following: 
    v. 115/c. 129077/b. Tue Aug 17 18:03:40 2004
    <patch date>: r1 patch applied

Contacting Breeze Support

If you have any questions, please contact the Macromedia Breeze Product Support team via: