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Macromedia Breeze 5.0 Release Notes

This document addresses issues that might not be discussed in the Macromedia Breeze documentation. This document might be updated as more information becomes available.

Mapping Breeze 4.1 to Breeze 5

Macromedia Breeze 5 is available for hosted and licensed (enterprise) customers. If you are using a licensed version of Breeze, your company installed and maintains Breeze, and the Breeze applications run on your corporate enterprise servers.  If you’re using a Macromedia-hosted version of Breeze, you access your Breeze applications from Macromedia servers.

Breeze 5 delivers enhancements to all the Breeze applications and adds a new application, along with expanded server functionality. In order to explain Breeze capabilities as clearly as possible, Macromedia has updated the Breeze descriptions, as follows:

Breeze Live 4.1 functionality maps to what is now called Breeze Meeting for real-time meetings and seminars.

Breeze Training 4.1 maps to Breeze Training, for managing e-learning courses and curriculums.

The authoring capabilities of Breeze Presentation 4.1 (i.e., the Macromedia Breeze Plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint) map to Breeze Presenter. You can use Breeze Presenter to author PowerPoint versions of narrated, self-paced e-learning courses and on-demand presentations.

The administration, content management, tracking, and reporting features in Breeze Presentation 4.1 are included in the Breeze Communication Server 5, along with the Breeze Platform 4.1 capabilities.

Breeze Events is an entirely new application that delivers pre- and post-eventmanagement capabilities for online events, including registration management, enhanced reporting, and communication.

Together, the Breeze 5 server and applications deliver complete solutions for online communication. Breeze 5 lets you reach broader audiences to deliver superior experiences, enabling better understanding and offering better results. 

What's New - Breeze Communication Server

New—Directory Services Integration

Breeze directory services integration (Active Directory, LDAP) enables out-of-the-box integration with an organization’s existing user management system, thereby reducing application management costs by managing users and groups in a single location. Native directory service integration is supported with licensed deployments only. CSV file import provides customers with bulk imports of users and groups.

New—Single Sign-On Support

Breeze single sign-on supports direct integration of corporate authentication systems, providing a seamless experience for users by eliminating the need for multiple user names and password prompts. Breeze supports native NTLM support for seamless domain authentication and offers an extensible authentication filter framework for use with custom authentication systems.

New—Edge Servers

Optional edge servers enable deployment of Breeze modules throughout an organization’s network. This consolidates and caches streams and content and provides increased performance and more efficient use of networks.

New—Custom URLs

The custom URLs feature supports creation of personalized URLs that are easy to remember. Custom URLs can be defined for meetings, content, curriculums, courses, events, and seminars.

New—Password Policy Management

Breeze enables password policy management and administrator reset of password policy management. These password policy management features are consistent with industry best practices and allow administrators to align Breeze with their existing security policies. These policies are enforced across the Breeze applications.

New—Report Dashboards and Manager Reporting

The new Dashboard feature provides a graphical user interface for Breeze Reports, at both the summary and the drill-down levels. Breeze now provides tools for manager and team reports that give managers greater insight into their teams’ use of Breeze. Reports include training, meeting, and content reports.

New—Report Filters

Report filters enable users to define parameters for reports, such as for certain timeframes or users, so that, for example, reports can be generated for a specific line of business. Once defined, these filters apply to all reports.   

New—Third-Party Content Support

Breeze now supports management, tracking, and reporting for third-party content, such as e-learning courses developed in Macromedia Flash and Authorware, or simulations developed using Macromedia Captivate.

Enhanced—Extensive Branding

Breeze now gives customers the ability to incorporate their organization’s brand throughout the Breeze experience. Using an intuitive web-based interface, you can apply color schemes and logos to the login screens, web application, presentations, and meetings.

Enhanced—User Management

Breeze now supports broader, more flexible user management capabilities. Administrators can now add and delete users, identify rights, and manage groups from one console. User profiles can now be customized to include a variety of user fields, including a profile dictionary provided with the product.

What's New - Breeze Meeting

Enhanced—Meeting Interface

Breeze 5 provides a significant update in the Breeze Meeting interface, including a redesign of the menu and layout bars as well as a unified content pod.

Enhanced—Meeting Management

Breeze now provides more control, including improved roles and permissions for meeting attendees, such as enhanced participant rights.

New—Integrated Audio Conferencing

Breeze supports integrated audio conferencing (reservationless) with flexible controls over audio conference participation, including dial-out to participants, mute/unmute, hold/unhold, and the ability to eject participants and view the active speaker. This telephony integration also provides a single interface for scheduling web and phone conferences.

Enhanced—Internet Broadcasting (VoIP)

Breeze provides the highest quality Internet audio (VoIP). In addition, Breeze offers an easy Audio Setup wizard, echo and noise cancellation, and silence detection, which eliminates the need to click the Talk button repeatedly.

Enhanced—Synchronized Audio for Recorded Meetings

Recorded Breeze meetings include synchronized audio for either Internet or telephone audio conferencing.

New—Full Screen Sharing

Breeze now gives users the option of sharing presentations, applications, and their desktops in full-screen mode. Presenters can choose to synchronize the view of all participants.

New—Moderated Q&A pod

A moderated Q&A pod gives meeting presenters complete control over question queue, visibility, and question delegation (to other presenters).

New—Macromedia Captivate Support

Breeze Meeting lets you easily share and control Macromedia Captivate applications for worry-free demonstrations or interactive simulations, complete with full tracking as part of meeting reporting capabilities.  The presenter can enable each participant to interact with simulations individually.

New—Meeting Templates

Meeting room layouts and content can be saved as a reusable template for personal or systemwide use. Content saved in templates is instantly available in new meetings created from that template.

New—Microsoft Outlook Integration

You can easily schedule and join a Breeze Meeting from within Microsoft Outlook. Participants can add Meetings applications to their Outlook calendars. Outlook can send e-mail notifications that include web and voice conference information.

What's New - Breeze Presenter

New—Four New Question Types for Enhanced Quiz and Survey Flexibility

Breeze now supports four new question types: fill in the blank, rating scale (Likert), matching, and short answer/essay. Quiz feedback can now be provided using customized audio and video, and the course author can specify how many times a quiz can be taken.

New—Question Branching

Breeze question branching supports a technique in which the learners or survey respondents are guided through specific content based on how they respond to questions.

Enhanced—Survey Authoring

Based on survey answers, Breeze Presenter can tailor questions for relevancy and interest, provide feedback, and track responses.

Enhanced—Viewing Experience

Breeze now includes support for multiple speakers collaborating on the same presentation or training module.  Authors now have the ability to add attachments and presenter information to provide context to the content.  Breeze supports the full suite of PowerPoint animations. Viewers and learners can use the new Presentation Search feature to find the content relevant to them.

New—Streaming Audio and Video, Including Talking-Head Video

Breeze offers adaptive streaming audio and video from a Breeze server for a great viewing experience. New in this version is support for talking-head video, which enables authors to import prerecorded Flash Video files to increase the impact of Breeze presentations and self-paced training.

Enhanced—Macromedia Captivate Integration

Breeze Presenter allows you to incorporate self-running software demonstrations created using Macromedia Captivate. You can engage users or include simulations to allow them to practice using applications.

New—Breeze Presenter Customization

The Breeze Presenter viewer can be fully customized, giving the author full control over colors and logos to match corporate brands. Corporate color, logo, and Breeze Presenter viewer layout settings can be saved as a theme and reused to ensure consistency across all presentations. The Breeze Presenter viewer functionality can also be tailored to meet the goals for specific presentations, ensuring that the viewing experience matches expectations for the particular content. All selections can be saved as a template that can be easily reused when publishing other presentations.

New—Publishing Flexibility

Breeze content can be published locally for previewing or published directly to a Breeze server.

Enhanced—Synchronized Support for Flash SWF files

Breeze now allows authors to link Flash applications to viewer controls. When a viewer pauses the presentation, all embedded animations and videos pause automatically, and they resume when the presentation resumes.

New—Universal Standards Support

Breeze is unique in its ability to create a single package, managed on the Breeze server, that supports SCORM 1.2, AICC, and Breeze Training. This means that Breeze content can be published once and then used across multiple learning management systems (LMS's).

Enhanced—Integration with Breeze Meeting

Support for playing Breeze Presentations and training modules within Breeze Meeting has been expanded. Presenters can use these presentations as a static click-through, as supported in Breeze 4.1, or as a self-running rich media presentation. In addition, if a Breeze Presentation or Breeze Training module contains quiz or survey questions, the server fully tracks user interactions with these questions.

What's New - Breeze Training

New—Curriculum Management

Breeze now enables trainers to use an easy wizard-based approach to create progressive learning tracks by combining related training courses, content, and classes into a single curriculum. Trainers can easily assign prerequisites, pass/fail scoring, test-outs, and completion requirements.

New—Blended Learning Support

The Breeze curriculum management capability lets trainers deploy custom training programs that mix and reuse a variety of training activities, including self-paced Breeze courses, third-party content, and live, instructor-led training. Curriculums can also include external events, such as management assessments.

New—Integration with Content Created in Other Macromedia Products or Third-Party Products

Breeze now allows the delivery and tracking of content created with Macromedia e-learning authoring tools such as Captivate, Authorware, Dreamweaver, and Macromedia Flash, as well as AICC-compliant content.

New—Bookmarking and Resuming a Course

The new bookmarking feature allows participants to take a break any time during a training course, and then resume the course where they left off. Managers can track the participant’s progress through the course or curriculum even if the course is not fully completed.

Enhanced—Training Reports

Enhanced reports include Dashboards and detailed reports. Dashboard reports provide training managers with a summary of all training programs. Dashboards show the number of enrollments for each course and curriculum, the number of times items are viewed or taken, and the completion status. It’s simple to drill down for detailed reporting on specific courses and curriculums, including user reports, quiz and survey reports (including aggregate and individual responses), and views by slide to determine if and where individuals drop off. These drill-down reports help gauge the effectiveness of the training materials as well as the knowledge retention for individuals and groups.

New—Manager Reports

Manager reports enable managers to track the progress and performance of all direct reports or all team members within their organizations.

New—Learner Transcripts

With learner transcripts, learners can quickly review progress and scores across all training.

What's New - Breeze Events

End-to-End Event Management

Breeze supports large online events with end-to-end event management, including registration and attendee qualification, notifications and reminders, and detailed tracking and reporting.  All customer-facing events pages can be fully branded with corporate logos and colors.  Breeze Events gives users the tools to successfully manage the full life cycle of an event, from registration and qualification of attendees through tracking, for all Breeze activities, including web seminars, on-demand presentations, and online training.

New—Registration Management 

Organizations can now create custom online registration forms to enable attendee self-registration, track responses, and authorize participation.

New—Notification Management 

Notification management features enable users to automate the process of sending out customized invitations, registration confirmations and approvals (or denials), reminders, and post-event communications. Invitation lists can be imported using CSV format.


Breeze enables branding of all attendee-facing pages, including registration pages and event-listing pages.


Breeze Events provides Dashboard and detailed reports that include attendee demographic information, registration and attendance tracking at the individual level, answers to registration survey questions, and in-session polling responses. Breeze generates exportable files in CSV format for import into CRM and other systems.

System Requirements

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Helpful Tips and Known Issues with Workarounds (If Applicable)

A number of known issues have been addressed in the Breeze 5.1 update; see the Breeze 5.1 Release Notes.

Support Resources

For further assistance, please see the resources on the Breeze Support Center.