Adobe Connect Release Notes

Macromedia Breeze 5.1 Release Notes

This document addresses issues that might not be discussed in the Macromedia Breeze documentation. This document might be updated as more information becomes available.

What's New - Breeze 5.1

Localized Language Support

Breeze 5.1 is localized into French, German, Japanese, and Korean.

Breeze Meeting—Improved Presentation Navigation Controls

Breeze Meeting presenters can now use familiar keyboard navigation (Left and Right Arrow keys), PowerPoint-like default slide show mode, and common Next and Previous buttons to control uploaded PowerPoint slides. Users preferring the scrub bar can turn it on by selecting Show Presentation Playbar in the Share Pod options menu.

Breeze Events—Campaign Tracking

Macromedia Breeze Events gives you the ability to report on registrations by campaign source. Typical campaigns might include e-mail offerings, search engine campaigns, and banner-ad campaigns.

Issues Addressed in This Release

Breeze 5.1 includes a number of fixes for issues in Breeze 5.0; key fixes are listed in the following sections.


  • HTTP Ports can be configured during installation (Enterprise only).
  • Telephony can be enabled through a setting in the custom.ini file (Enterprise only).
  • An option to set a pragma-no cache option in HTTP headers has been added (Enterprise only).

Breeze Manager

  • Using the “reset password” feature no longer stores passwords in plain text in the database (see the related security bulletin).
  • Increasing latency in connection times over the life of a meeting has been eliminated.
  • Search performance has been improved.
  • Importing users via a CSV file no longer fails when items contain commas or special characters.
  • Upgrading a 4.1 database with custom fields no longer generates errors (Enterprise only).
  • LDAP features function correctly after upgrading from prior versions (Enterprise only).

Breeze Meeting

  • When a host or presenter switches layouts while screen sharing, viewers default to scale-to-fit mode.
  • When sharing Internet Explorer as an application, you can share new windows created in Internet Explorer properly.
  • Automatic gain control of VoIP audio has been fine-tuned for better performance.
  • Seeking or pausing a recording no longer disables audio.
  • The full-screen and scale-to-fit buttons display the correct state in recorded content.
  • Documents downloaded from the File Share pod no longer have their names truncated in the Firefox browser.
  • Screen sharing on multiple monitors works correctly.
  • Locking layouts will disable moving and resizing pods.
  • The Audio Tuning wizard advanced settings persist between sessions.
  • The connection status light reflects the connection to the nearest edge server rather than the origin server.
  • The menus of shared applications are visible on Macintosh computers.
  • Meeting rooms can be reentered after a backup server restarts (Enterprise only).

Breeze Presenter

Breeze 5.1 includes a new version of Breeze Presenter, version 248. This new version includes many bug fixes, and Macromedia strongly recommends that you upgrade to the latest version. You can access the upgrade installer from the Getting Started link on the Breeze Manager home page. Breeze Presenter users can verify the build by selecting Breeze > About Breeze Presenter after the installation is complete.

NOTE: Content must be republished using the new version of Breeze Presenter if you want to get the updated behaviors described in the following list.

  • OpenType (OTF) fonts are now recognized.
  • Problems playing content authored in 4.1 in a 5.x meeting room have been addressed.
  • Custom feedback on questions is now maintained after upgrading a presentation from 4.1.
  • Presentations with audio now play back correctly on systems with no audio hardware.
  • Long author or presenter names are no longer truncated.
  • Font sizes for the presentation title, presenter name, and presenter title have been reduced for legibility.
  • Breeze Presenter has incorporated a new version, 1.2.3, of the zlib compression library.

Breeze Training

  • Occasional errors when scoring resumed quizzes have been corrected.
  • Score override works when you have a folder in the curriculum.
  • Course data is tracked properly when users open multiple browser windows.

Breeze Events

  • Event folders whose status has been changed from private to public can be accessed.
  • Report links on the Event Information page function properly regardless of length.
  • Self-registered users in migrated 4.1 accounts can access events as guests (Enterprise only).
  • Invitation e-mails are sent in the account language rather than the user language.
  • Non-meeting events display the end date rather than the duration in the Breeze Manager and in e-mails.

Helpful Tips and Known Issues with Workarounds (if Applicable)


An update to FlashPaper is required to use FlashPaper documents in Breeze. Documents created with earlier versions of FlashPaper must be re-created after installing the update. The Flash Paper 1.02 updater is available at .

The enterprise release of Breeze 5 disables public search engine indexing of content on the server using a /robots.txt file set to "deny all." To enable public search engines and other websites to index content on the server, you can elect to modify the appserv/web/common/robots.txt file to grant access.


Flash Communication Server MX must be uninstalled prior to installing Breeze 5.

In some versions of the Breeze Installation and Configuration Guide (brze_5_install.config.pdf), the step on page 50 to create an Administrator account is incorrectly listed as optional. An Administrator account is required, and this step is mandatory. (In versions of the guide published after July 2005, the step correctly indicates that creating an Administrator account is required.)

The Breeze database is initially created and owned by the "dbo" user. If the owner of the database has been set to a different user, you must also add the DB_OWNER=user entry to the custom.ini file, after the last DB-related option.

Breeze Manager

  • Passwords that exceed the maximum character limit set by the administrator will be truncated at the maximum length value.

    Workaround: Users can log in with the truncated password or reset their password to a new value that conforms to the length restriction.

  • If you select Select All while deleting items (users, content, courses, meetings, etc.) using Breeze Manager, Breeze only deletes items selected on the current page.

    Workaround: Specify a larger number of items to be displayed per page in order to increase the number of items you can delete from a single page.

  • Account customization options, particularly custom images, might take a few minutes to go into effect on the server.

    Workaround: You might need to refresh the page in your browser a few times to confirm the new customization settings.

  • To specify a custom hex value background or navigation color using the color picker on the Account tab's Customize page, type the hexadecimal color notation and press Enter. The specified color is updated in the preview area. Click the Apply button to store the change on the server.
  • The Enterprise Administrator user name always appears in English, regardless of the operating system locale.

    Workaround: Log into Breeze Manager using the Enterprise Administrator user name, and modify the First and Last Name fields to the desired name.

  • E-mail customizations submitted through the Breeze Manager application are limited to 9000 characters total. Submissions of more than 9000 characters are ignored.
  • According to the "Importing a user CSV file (create new users)" section in the Breeze Manager User Guide, users can import custom fields in their CSV file, which is not correct. Customization is available using APIs. For more information, refer to the Breeze Integration Guide.

Breeze Meeting

  • Embedded fonts in PowerPoint presentations are not supported for fonts not installed on the Breeze server.

    Workaround: Publish the presentation to the server using Breeze Presenter or install the desired fonts on the Breeze server.

  • Font substitution may cause formatting problems in PowerPoint presentations uploaded into the Share pod in Breeze Meeting. The text position, as calculated by PowerPoint using the original font, might not render correctly because of glyph dimension differences between Arial or Arial Unicode MS and the original font.

    Workaround: Publish the presentation to the server's Content library using Breeze Presenter on your local system.

  • Progressive JPEG image files and animated GIF files do not convert properly in Breeze Meeting.

    Workaround: Use Breeze Presenter to embed these JPEG images into a PowerPoint presentation and upload the PPT file into the Breeze meeting room instead of the JPEG file.

  • Linked images in PowerPoint presentations uploaded from a Breeze meeting room cannot be resolved by the server and will fail to publish.

    Workaround: Embed images instead of linking them, or use Breeze Presenter to convert the presentation and store it in the Content library.

  • PowerPoint 3D Shapes and Shadows features do not appear in presentations uploaded directly into a Breeze meeting room.

    Workaround: Use Breeze Presenter to convert the presentation and store it in the Content library.

  • Screen sharing and application sharing features are CPU intensive.

    Workaround: For best results, use a system with a CPU of 1 GHz or greater to broadcast your screen or share your applications.

  • When you control applications on a remote user's machine, the remote user's keyboard settings are used for all text input. Unexpected characters may appear if the remote keyboard settings are different from your own.

    Workaround: Set both computers to the same locale setting.

  • Under some circumstances, latency can develop over time while using the Talk button in the Camera and Voice pod.

    Workaround: Users can reset the pod and clear up latency by leaving the Stage and joining it again.

  • Flash SWF files loaded into the Content pod might function abnormally or cause unexpected behavior if the Flash application attempts to create or modify variables in the root level of the meeting.

    Workaround: Test any Flash applications you intend to use in the Breeze meeting room before attempting to use them in a live meeting.

  • Private chat messages are not stored on the server and are not included in meeting recordings and archives. In addition, changing the text display size settings in the Chat pod causes all private chat messages to disappear from the pod's display.

Workaround: Copy and paste these messages to a safe place.

  • Breeze meeting audio conference settings in Breeze Manager should not be changed while the meeting is in progress. For any audio conference setting changes to take effect, all meeting participants must close their browsers or log out of the meeting room. After five minutes have elapsed, users may log back into the meeting room and use the new conference settings.
  • When you use a dual-monitor configuration, application windows on the secondary display are not broadcast when selected for screen sharing.

    Workaround: Move the application window to the primary display to share it in your meeting room.

  • When you select an application to share using the Macromedia Breeze Meeting Add-in for Macintosh, you can see that the selection list might include applications that have no visible window to share. These items will not broadcast if you select them, and they do not affect the selection of other shareable applications.
  • Meetings created in Breeze 4.1 that have never been used will not function after you update to Breeze 5.x.

    Workaround: Delete old, unused meeting rooms and create new meeting rooms in Breeze 5.x to replace them.

  • When using the File Share pod to share files from the Content library, you must consider that some types of content (e.g., Breeze Presentations) may be composed of multiple files that cannot be easily selected for sharing.

    Workaround: Create or select a ZIP archive containing all required files to upload to the File Share pod.

Breeze Presenter

  • Formatting applied to Slide Notes is not preserved in the published presentation.
  • Flash content embedded in Breeze 4.1 presentations must be reinserted in Breeze 5 presentations in order to synchronize the content with presentation playback.
  • If Flash content inserted into a presentation has audio on Frame 1, the audio plays one slide early.
  • Quiz formatting is lost when upgrading presentations from Breeze 4.1 to 5.
  • Opening Quiz Manager for an existing presentation regenerates all quiz slides. Customizations made to the formatting of all quiz slides may be lost.

    Workaround: Manually reapply customizations and layout changes after exiting Quiz Manager.

  • Slide text appears larger in the Breeze Presentation than it does in the original PowerPoint presentation and may go beyond the slide boundaries.

    Workaround: Select Control Panel > Display. Select the Settings tab, and then the Advanced button. Set the DPI setting to normal size (96 DPI).

Breeze Training

  • The Course Status section of the Course Summary Report incorrectly labels the Users Passed values as Users Completed.
  • CSV report downloads for Content and Training Reports include data for all published versions of the content or course regardless of any version filters applied in the Breeze Manager interface.

    Workaround: Use the version data in the CSV report to filter the data for the desired version.

System Requirements

For full product system requirements, go to

Support Resources

For further assistance, please see the resources on the Breeze Support Center.