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Macromedia Central 1.5 Documentation

Central End-User Help

After you install Central 1.5, you can read Central Help installed on your Windows or Macintosh machine.

For instructions on using Macromedia Central: In Central, select the Help > Macromedia Central Help menu option.

For instructions on using each application: In Central, select the Help menu option, and then select that application's help option.

Central Application Developer Documentation

Before you can develop applications for Central, you must accept the licensing agreement presented as part of the Central Software Development Kit (SDK) download. You should also view the Central 1.5 Release Notes for a list of issues not discussed in the Macromedia Central documentation.

Central Software Development Kit (SDK)

Download the Central 1.5 SDK. The Central SDK contains utilities, documentation, and samples to guide a software developer through the process of developing a Central application. The PDF documentation in the SDK includes "Developing Central Applications", which contains introductory material, best practices, and API documentation, and "Building Central Applications with Components", which contains reference information to work with Central-supported components.

Development Quick Start Guide

View the Macromedia Central 1.5 Development Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide is a step-by-step guide for developers developing their first Central application.

Online "LiveDocs" developer documents

View the Macromedia Central 1.5 online documentation. The online documentation contains all the reference information included in the Central SDK PDF documents, and provides an interface for adding comments and viewing other developer comments about specific pages in the documentation.

Tech Notes

View the Macromedia Central 1.5 Tech Notes. Tech Notes contain information for developers documented after the release of Central 1.5.

Sample applications

Install the sample applications from the Central 1.5 SDK.The SDK contains several sample applications to support various sections of the documentation, as well as provide working samples for developers to see Central application source code and how it works. You can install final, working versions of each of these samples directly from the Macromedia server.

Developer articles

New articles are continually written by the Central development community. You can view these articles in the Macromedia Central Development Center.