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Software Development Kit Release Notes

This document addresses issues not discussed in the Macromedia Central documentation. This document may be updated as more information becomes available.

About Macromedia Central

The Macromedia Central Software Development Kit (SDK) provides Macromedia Flash developers with a pre-built infrastructure for creating, distributing and selling applications. Developers can use their existing skills, and Central’s ability to store and share data locally to build a new class of responsive Rich Internet Applications. Central’s consistent deployment environment, support for payment processing, and ready availability on any computer empowers individual developers to distribute applications directly to end users.

System Requirements

For information on system requirements, see the Macromedia Central system requirements.

Extension Manager

You may download the Extension Manager from Macromedia Exchange.

The Macromedia Central SDK requires Extension Manager version 1.6 (installed with MX 2004) or later.

Version 1.6 installs with Macromedia Flash MX 2004. Flash MX users must upgrade their version of the Extension Manager in order to install the Macromedia Central SDK extensions into the authoring environment.

Installing Macromedia Central extensions in the Macromedia Flash MX authoring environment

To install Macromedia Central extensions into the Flash MX authoring environment, open the Exchange Manager and explicitly select "Flash MX" as the installation environment, by following these steps:

  1. Open the Extension Manager.
  2. Select Flash MX from the pop-up menu.
  3. Select File > Install Extension, and navigate to the location where you have unzipped the MXP file (for example, C:\Central SDK\Documentation\Flash\MX\CentralDocsMX.mxp).

Issues for Both Windows and Macintosh

Updates require decimal number (0.1, 0.2, etc.).

To ensure your product can be updated by end-users, make sure to set your version# to an actual number such as 0.1. Version numbers like 0.1.001 will not be detected by Central.

During an update, if more than one application is open, only the window of the updated application reopens.

If you update an application and have two application windows open, both of these windows will be closed but only the updated application opens in a new window.

Components: Avoid Flash MX 2004 components when developing Central applications.

We do not recommend using Flash MX2004 components in Central at this time.

Components: Some new Central.DataProvider methods are not implemented by all components using MSelectableList.

The getItemID() method has not been implemented for all of the components (including, but not limited tom MListBox, MComboBox, MDataGrid, and MIconMenu) that inherit from MSelectableList.

Components: Certain sets of API don't work if called on a component before it draws the first time.

The DataGrid, ListBox and PushButton components must be drawn before certain APIs will work. Workarounds include setting properties in the authoring tool Properties panel and setting equivalent properties in the initialization object passed to an attachMovie() call.

Components: First frame must be drawn before setBaseColor() works on an MAccordionTab or MDatagrid.

The setBaseColor() method does not work if called on an MAccordionTab or MDataGrid before the first frame has been drawn. Workarounds include:

a) If the AccordionTab is placed on the stage in authoring, set the baseColor of the component in the Properties panel.

b) If the AccordionTab is added dynamically via ActionScript, pass in the baseColor parameter as an initial parameter.

Components: DataGrid--showBorder(false) does not remove the border.

Setting myDataGrid.showBorder() to false does not remove the border.

Components: DataGrid--getDisabledIndices returns incorrect values if items are added to the grid.

If you add elements to a datagrid, you must reset its disabledIndices().

Components: DataGrid--getEditable property does not exist.

The documentation for MDataGrid contains a method getEditable() that does not exist in the API.

Components: DataGrid--setSelectedCell is not selecting the cell.

The call to myDataGrid.setSelectedCell does not select the cell. This is a known issue in the Flash MX version 1 component.

Components: MDialog--removeAllContentItems only removes current content item.

The call to myDialog.removeAllContentItems only removes the current content item.

Components: MDialog-- setSelectedByKey is not selecting the content.

The call to myDialog.setSelectedByKey is currently not working.

Components: MTextInputField--Can't bind a scrollbar to an instance of MTextInputField

When using a text field component, binding a scrollbar, doesn't work properly with the Central textInputField component. When the text goes past the bottom of the text field, the scrollbar cannot be used to bring it into view. So, when using a multiline text field component with a scrollbar, keep the multiline text within the area of the field that is visible without a scrollbar.

Macintosh-only Issues

On Macintosh, the Central alias in the applications folder doesn't remap after an update of Central.

If you launch Central, the Central player is launched from the trash. To resolve this problem, empty your trash. If you continue to experience problems, especially on Macintosh System 10.3, please perform the following steps:

  1. Exit Central.
  2. Open your trash. You should see the Central application icon.
  3. Empty your trash.
  4. In the Applications folder, delete the Central alias.
  5. Go to
  6. Click the Launch Central button in the badge.

Reporting a Bug to the Macromedia Central Team

Found a bug? You can contact Macromedia Technical Support. They can help you resolve issues; and they can also log bugs. You can also file a bug yourself by using the Macromedia Software Feature Request and Bug Report form.

Note: Due to the high volume of e-mail we receive, we are unable to respond to every request.

Thank you for using Macromedia Central, and for taking the time to send us your feedback!

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