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Macromedia Central 1.5 SDK sample application installers

The following sample applications, and their source code, are included in the Central 1.5 SDK for instructional purposes. You can install each completed application from this page to see how they work in Central.

Hello World

The Hello World sample application installs and displays "Hello Online World!" in the Central application window and a pod. It also installs a Help page that users can access through the Central Help menu.

Homeland Security Status Monitor

The Homeland Security sample application tracks the Department of Homeland Security's Threat Advisory level. It provides a link to the Department of Homeland Security web page and alerts (in the Console) the user to changes in the threat level. The application also uses an agent to monitor changes from the Department of Homeland Security's web service, and to store values locally.

Regular Expression (RegExp) "Find and Replace"

The RegExp sample application provides a block of text with search and replace functionality. This sample also supports loading a content file into the interface and saving a file locally.


The StockWatcher sample application provides stock quotes and current financial information for stocks selected by the user. This sample application allows users to set up alerts for specific changes to stock prices, and provides a pod where users can enter a stock symbol to retrieve summary quotes quickly.


The WebServices (WSSample) application illustrates a detailed view of invoking a web service from Central.