ColdFusion Documentation

Running the installer

Table of Contents

  1. Installing ColdFusion MX 6.1 Silently
  2. Overview of the silent installation
  3. Configuring the installer properties file
  4. Sample files
  5. Running the installer
  6. Running the Web Server Configuration Tool from the command line

You run the silent installer by executing the installer at the command line or through a batch file or script.

These instructions use the general term cfmx_installer_file to refer to the installer file. The specific installer filename differs, based on the operating system. The filenames for the ColdFusion MX 6.1 installer are as follows:


Installer filename









The installer file command has the following format:

  • On UNIX:
    ./cfmx_installer_file [-f propertiesFilePath]

    Note: The specific installer filename differs, based on the UNIX platform.

  • In Windows:
    coldfusion-61-win [-f propertiesFilePath]

The propertiesFilePath argument specifies the installer properties file that contains specific instructions for the installer. The path can be an absolute filepath or a path relative to the directory containing the installer file.

The propertiesFilePath argument is optional if all of the following are true:

  • The properties file is named
  • The properties file is located in the same directory as the installer file.
  • You are running the installer command from within this directory.

If all of these are true, the installer uses the file by default.

Use the following command to run the installer from within the directory that contains the ColdFusion MX 6.1 installer file and use the default file located in the same directory:

  • On UNIX:
  • In Windows:

The following sample command shows how you can run the installer from outside the installer directory and use an installer properties file that is located in a different directory on a Linux system. You enter the command on a single line; it spans two lines for display.

/home/jdoe/software/coldfusion-61-lin.bin     -f /home/jdoe/config/

The following is a similar command line for Windows:

C:/downloads/cfmx61/coldfusion-61-win     -f C:/downloads/cfmx61/config/