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Release Notes Part 2 - ColdFusion MX 6.1 Issues Fixed in this Release

August 23, 2004

This document is the second part of the Macromedia ColdFusion MX 6.1 Updater Release Notes. It lists the ColdFusion MX 6.1 issues that are resolved by the Updater

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Part 1 -- Known Issues, Changes, and Installation Instructions

Part 3 -- Installing ColdFusion MX with the Update and Uninstalling the Update


  • In these Release Notes, cf_root refers to the directory where ColdFusion is installed or deployed. By default, you install the ColdFusion MX server configuration in C:\CFusionMX on Windows and /opt/coldfusionmx on UNIX. You deploy the ColdFusion MX J2EE configuration in a directory that depends on the application server.
  • The Updater release includes relevant security patches released in the Macromedia Security Zone

CFML Tag-Related Issues

The following issues with the ColdFusion CFML tags have been fixed. Other categories might also include issues that effect specific tag behaviors.

Issue ID
The cfqueryparam tag doubled single quotation marks (') when strings were manipulated within the tag attributes. 52305
The cfexecute tag did not process quotation marks in the same way as ColdFusion 5. 53235
The cfinsert tag did not work consistently if one column name was a substring of another column name. 52972
The cfinsert tag did not properly handle empty string values. 53653
The cfupdate, cfinsert, cfgridupdate, and cfstoredproc tags ignored the password and username attributes, and failed when a data source was protected and no username/password was specified for the data source in the ColdFusion MX Administrator. 53257
The cfgridupdate tag generated errors when trying to update a row with a date-time field. 53317

The cfmail tag ReplyTo attribute could generate an attribute validation error when used correctly.

Required cfform fields that were specified using cfinput tags were not processed in the order in which they were defined on the form. 52093
Any cftree tags that used complex data and nulls or numbers in cftreeitem child tag attributes failed with "Error casting an object of type to an incompatible type" errors. 53595
Any cftree tags that used null values failed with null pointer errors. 53624
The cfapplication tag generated exceptions if the browser sent an incomplete CFID/CFTOKEN pair. 45343
Submitting a form with several hundred inputs that use range or type validation caused ColdFusion MX 6.1 to take a very large amount of time to parse, compile, and load the form. 53685
On some UNIX systems, a cfchart tag with border="no" and type="jpg" or type="png" attributes produced a vertical line or remnant of the border at the left of the chart. 53780
The cfapplication tag setdomaincookie attribute set the wrong domain value on a multihomed site. 53797
When SQL statements were created using loops in a cfquery tag, the single quotation marks would be repeatedly doubled. This could cause processing to hang due to the generation of excessively long SQL text.
The cfldap tag did not correctly retrieve some binary attributes, including Windows Active Directory objectSID and objectGUID values.
The UID value returned by the cfpop tag was the Message-ID of the message, not the UID. 52970
If a file transfer using the cffile tag was aborted midstream, a temporary file was left in the runtime/servers/default/SERVER-INF/wwwroot-tmp directory and never cleaned up. 52806
The cfreport tag did not work correctly with Crystal Reports if the data source specified in the tag required a username and password. 53522

The cfmail tag did not properly handle embedded images in HTML format mail messages. This bug fix adds two attributes to the cfmailparam tag, as described in the Functional Changes section of Release Notes Part 1.

The cfftp action="listDir" tag generated incorrect results when used to list directories on some FTP servers; for example, the WU-FTPD server. 55422

If you specify loginstorage="session" in the cfapplication tag in the Application.cfm file, ColdFusion appears to be caching some information, which results in incorrect behavior.


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CFML Function-Related Issues

The following CFML function-related issues have been fixed:

Issue ID
The dateformat function did not generate an exception when it was passed an invalid date. 53152
The dateformat function did not accept some valid date formats. 54565
The DateDiff function returned incorrect values for ranges that spanned dates where the time changed between standard and Daylight Saving Time. 53972
The Duplicate function did not duplicate structures in an array when you duplicated the array. Both arrays accessed the same set of structures.
The Duplicate function generated errors when duplicating a variable that contained binary data. 53902
The Duplicate function did not make duplicate copies of all parts of the complex structure or object. 53813
XML was not returned by the gethttprequestdata function if there were quotation marks in the content-type part of the header. 53875

COM-Related Issues

The following issues with COM have been fixed:

Issue ID
COM objects that required or returned arguments of type VT_INT would fail. VT_INT is now treated like VT_I4; that is, as a 32-bit integer value.
Adding a COM object to the Session scope could cause a java.lang.NullPointerException error. 53224
Empty strings were passed to COM methods as Null pointers. 53243
Optional arguments were not correctly recognized. 53283
COM objects that indicate they have Type Information failed if the Type Information was not accessible to ColdFusion MX; for example, if the Type Information is stored in a separate .tlb file. These objects are now treated like objects without Type Information. 53633

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Installation-Related Issues

The following issue with the installation process has been fixed:

Issue ID
When upgrading ColdFusion to ColdFusion MX 6.1, if the cfcrystal.exe process was running, the installer did not shut it down, and the file C:\CFusionMX\bin\cfcrystal.exe did not get replaced with the 6.1 executable.

General Server-Related Issues

The following general server issues, including data-handling issues, have been fixed:

Issue ID
If you enabled the ColdFusion MX Administrator Timeout Requests option, requests sometimes threw Short Read exceptions. 53746
The cacerts file supplied with ColdFusion MX 6.1 included an expired Verisign certificate. 53970

The Apache Java Standard Tag Library (JSTL) JSP tag library could not be used with ColdFusion MX 6.1. Trying to use the imported tags would generate an exception.


J2EE Configuration-Specific Issues

The following issues, which apply only to ColdFusion MX installed using the J2EE configuration have been fixed:

Issue ID
When Coldfusion MX 6.1 was deployed on clustered Macromedia JRun servers with session replication and J2EE sessions enabled, it would throw a Null pointer exception when the cflock tag was used to lock Session scope.


In clustered J2EE configurations on JRun if you tried to store a structure in the Session scope and used session replication, the session became corrupted if the request failed over to another server. 53913
You could not use jsp includes on WebLogic 7, with both 1.31 and 1.42 JDKs. 52470
The Java getPageContext().getRequest().getParameter() method returned null. 50569
When ColdFusion MX 6.1 was deployed on WebSphere 5.1, the XML parser could generate java.lang.IllegalStateException errors with valid XML; for example, when using the xmlTransform function. 54621
CFX tags written in C++ could not be registered in The ColdFusion MX Administrator when ColdFusion MX ran on Sun One Application Server. 54599

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Database and Query-Related Issues

The following tables list database and query-related issues that have been fixed. The first table lists issues that are common to all database management systems. The tables that follow list issues for specific database systems.

General Database and Query Issues

Issue ID
ColdFusion would incorrectly report the cause of some JDBC driver errors.
Connection pooling code could cause the server to hang while trying to get a connection. This problem happened most often when users limited the number of connections to a data source.


The column names of cached queries were converted to all uppercase letters. 55306
A cfquery tag with a timeout attribute caused "DataDirect Connect Query Timeout-Thread" monitor threads to stack up under high load. 53947

DB2-Specific Issues

The following issue with accessing and using DB2 databases has been fixed:

Issue ID
SQL statements had to be on one line without tabs. 53347

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Oracle-Specific Issues

The following issues with accessing and using Oracle databases have been fixed:

Issue ID
Net8 protocol errors could occur under some load conditions.


CLOBs of 3-6 MB returned no data in response to SELECT statements. 53182
CLOBs containing NLS character-set characters retrieval could return 0 bytes. 53357
Updating CLOBS with more than 2000 NLS character-set characters could fail. 53357
SELECT against CLOB columns containing NLS character set characters could hang with some Oracle systems. 53366
A java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error could occur when using a CLOB in some NLS character sets. 53466
A "No more data available to read" error could occur when selecting data from a CLOB on an Oracle 9i JA16SJIS database. 53477
Using a VARCHAR out parameter greater than 2000 characters could cause an "ORA-06502 error: character string buffer too small" error. 53750
ColdFusion could hang when trying to retrieve a CLOB that uses an NLS character set. 53752
SELECT against an Oracle CLOB using a JIS character could throw an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception. 53758

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SQL Server-Specific Issues

The following issues with accessing and using SQL Server databases have been fixed:

Issue ID
ColdFusion could hang when running a cfquery tag that used TEXT fields in SQL Server. 53428
ColdFusion could take up 100% of the CPU if SQL Server unexpectedly closed a connection during a long-running query. 52851
An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException could occur, including when you inserted long strings into text columns in the database using the SQL Server driver. 53280
Some queries or inserts using SQL Server databases returned "Unhandled token type" errors. 53492

Informix-Specific Issue

The following issue with accessing and using Informix databases has been fixed:

Issue ID
SELECT * FROM INTO statements could fail with a "CURSOR not on SELECT statement" error message.


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Web Service-Related Issues

The following fix has been made to web services:

Issue ID
ColdFusion MX Administrator mappings did not work when a ColdFusion component (CFC) was invoked as a web service. They did work when using the cfinvoke tag. 54619

Security-Related Issues

This Updater includes all security fixes related to ColdFusion listed in the Macromedia Security Zone through July 2004.
The Updater improves ColdFusion MX security against several types of attacks.

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Part 1 -- Known Issues, Changes, and Installation Instructions

Part 3 -- Installing ColdFusion MX with the Update and Uninstalling the Update

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