Adobe Connect Release Notes

Adobe Connect Enterprise Server 6, Adobe Connect Enterprise Hosted 6 and Acrobat Connect Professional Release Notes

This document addresses issues that might not be discussed in the Adobe® Connect™ documentation and may be updated as more information becomes available.

About Adobe Connect

The Adobe Connect product family includes Adobe Connect Enterprise Server (licensed version), Adobe Connect Enterprise Hosted (hosted service) and three modules—Adobe Connect Training, Adobe Connect Events, and Adobe Presenter. These products support and extend the functionality of Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional to deliver web communications solutions for training, marketing and sales.

What's New - Acrobat Connect Enterprise 6 and Acrobat Connect Professional

Step-by-Step Connection Diagnostics

Inevitably some attendees will encounter problems when trying to enter an Acrobat Connect meeting, whether due to the network, the user’s environment or other factors.  In this release, we have included step-by-step connection diagnostics to help these attendees get into the meeting as quickly as possible, and in the event they are not successful, to provide a simple mechanism to report the issue.

Fault Tolerant Meeting Client

Occasionally a meeting participant’s internet or wireless connection may drop due to hiccups on the network.  In Acrobat Connect 6, we have ensured that the participant reconnects to the meeting as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Collaboration Builder SDK

With Acrobat Connect Professional, Adobe has enabled developers to create custom collaborative applications, using a set of easy-to-use APIs. The Collaboration Builder SDK allows Flash developers to extend the functionality of Acrobat Connect Professional by synchronizing Flash-based multi-user applications and content so that meeting attendees can collaborate on them in real-time.

Improved VoIP

Acrobat Connect Professional contains an audio library which performs echo cancellation, automatic gain control, noise reduction and silence detection. This library has been updated to provide improved VoIP performance and quality. We have also tightened our jitter buffer, which monitors network latency and smoothes out performance with an adaptive buffering scheme.

MacTel Support

With Acrobat Connect Professional, we continue our commitment to provide rich, web-based communications for the Macintosh community. Users with PowerPC-based machines have always had the ability to host, present and attend meetings. Now, we have enabled this solution for Intel-based Macs as well.

Event Registration

When participants register for an event, they become guests on the Connect system. Registered guests, however, have only limited system access, and are only part of the system for the duration of that event.  In this release, event managers and administrators are now able to define the event user policy, either keeping registrants as guests or making them normal users with designated permissions.

Training Bookmarking and Resumption

In the previous release, bookmarking of Presenter content happened either on user input slides (such as a quiz slide) or every 10 slides. So when users quit in the middle of training content and returned at a later time, they resumed at the last bookmark rather than the point where they left off.  In Connect Training 6, bookmarking occurs at every slide by default, enabling learners to easily return to the proper point in their training.  In addition, content authors can now decide their own bookmarking interval within Presenter.

Content and Bulk Course Creation

In Connect Training 6, content placed in a curriculum is automatically converted into courses, enabling more granular tracking and offering trainers a bulk course creation wizard.

Enhanced Presenter Audio Quality

In the previous release, audio imported into Presenter was always compressed, sometimes resulting in quality issues. In Presenter 6, users now have the option to either compress or preserve (uncompressed) imported audio for higher quality. Uncompressed file sizes are, of course, larger. 

Customization and Branding

The Customization and Branding feature enables users to customize the look and feel of Adobe Connect, including the Connect Manager, the login screen, and the meeting interface. This capability is now available for all customers.

Increased Bandwidth and Disk Quotas

For hosted customers, the default bandwidth and disk quotas have been increased from 10 GB and 1 GB respectively to 50 GB and 3 GB.  If your account quotas have been below these new limits, they will be automatically increased.

Usability Enhancements

The Connect team aspires to create the most intuitive and easy-to-use product possible. This release includes numerous usability improvements in areas such as enhanced participant rights, guest/user login, telephony integration, improved archive recording and playback, and reduced PowerPoint conversion times.

Support for Native SSL

The secure Acrobat Connect meeting experience has been enhanced.  In previous releases, Acrobat Connect tunneled for secure transmission, which incurred extra overhead. The application now supports native SSL, thereby dramatically improving network performance and connection latency, up to ten times faster on Windows and up to fourteen times faster on Macintosh. For more information, see

W3C Logging Standards

In the upcoming release, Connect Enterprise Server will incorporate the W3C Extended Log File Format standard.  By using standards-based logging, IT organizations can utilize almost any 3rd party monitoring and analysis tool, allowing Connect administrators to maintain and support their Connect deployment more effectively.

Support for External Content Storage

For on-premise customers, Connect Enterprise Server is now certified for use with external content storage devices, such as network-attached storage and storage area networks.  As your user base and content grows, the content store can also scale as needed to ensure that your Connect deployment continues to be easily maintainable by any IT department.

Edge Server Clustering

Connect Edge Servers provide organizations with a secure, network-efficient alternative to traditional web communication solutions. The benefits of edge servers include stream consolidation, content caching, network-edge deployments, and more control over the flow of information. Customers can now cluster edge servers to provide increased scale and system redundancy.

Integration with PKI Systems

The use of PKI and client-side certificates are becoming a common deployment choice for authentication in a secure workplace and environment. In this release, Connect Enterprise supports the use of client authentication and Common Access Cards.

Support for LDAP Paging and LDAPS

Organizations that use the Connect Enterprise directory services integration feature can now synchronize Connect via a secure connection to their LDAP server.  In addition with support of LDAP paging, large organizations can easily synchronize and import a large directory base.

Option to not use External Add-in Download

Users typically download the Acrobat Connect Add-in, which provides enhanced meeting functionality, directly from Organizations with private networks or locked-down environments may not want to rely on an external network for this purpose. Connect Enterprise Server customers now have the option to turn off this feature and deliver the Add-in from local servers inside their own networks.

Breeze Rebranding

With this release, Breeze is now part of the Adobe® Acrobat® family. It is now rebranded as follows:

  • Breeze Meeting is now Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Professional
  • Breeze Training is now Adobe® Connect™ Training
  • Breeze Events is now Adobe® Connect™ Events
  • Breeze Presenter is now Adobe® Presenter
  • Breeze Communication Server is now Adobe® Connect™ Enterprise Server
  • Breeze Edge Server is now Adobe® Connect™ Edge Server

We have chosen to rebrand at this time to better align and communicate Adobe’s future vision and product offerings in the emerging collaboration marketplace. The benefit of bringing these products together for customers is the acknowledgement that knowledge workers consume, create, manage, analyze and share high value content, both in the form of documents and in the form of meetings. All this information is absolutely critical to their work and is often intellectual property that must be secured and protected.

Combining Acrobat and Breeze enables knowledge workers to communicate and collaborate with confidence, to work together effortlessly both asynchronously with documents and in real time with web conferencing. The Acrobat Family, composed of Acrobat and Acrobat Connect, is a single offering for a wide range of knowledge worker communication and collaboration needs.

Upgrading to Adobe Connect Enterprise Hosted

All users of the Breeze 5.1 hosted service have been automatically upgraded to Adobe Connect Enterprise Hosted 6. Your new URL is http://<mycompany> Your previous url with the breezecentral domain will be redirected to your new URL indefinitely.

Upgrading to Adobe Connect Enterprise Server

Licensed users of Breeze 4.x and 5.x with active maintenance contracts will receive instructions on how to obtain the installer for Adobe Connect Enterprise Server 6 through the Adobe Licensing Website.

Note that during an upgrade install your existing database schema will be updated. A new database will not be created.

An updated version of the Premiere Telephony Adaptor is available from the Adobe Connect Licensed Support site. Download the new telephony adaptor and apply this as part of the upgrade process.

Upgrading to the Acrobat Connect Meeting Add-in

This release includes a new version of the Acrobat Connect Meeting Add-in. Users who have the old Breeze Meeting Add-in or who are entering as a host will be prompted to install the new Add-in the first time they enter an Acrobat Connect Meeting. If they decline, users will still be allowed to enter the meeting via Flash Player 6 or higher. The Acrobat Connect Meeting Add-in can also be installed using the stand-alone installer using the following steps:

  1. Login to Adobe Connect Enterprise (Hosted or Server)
  2. Click the Getting Started link on the Adobe Connect Manager home page
  3. Click the Downloads link
  4. In the area labeled Adobe Acrobat Connect Add-in, click the Install Windows or Install Macintosh link, depending on your operating system.

System Requirements

For Adobe Connect Enterprise Server 6 (licensed) we now support and recommend using Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition ships with Adobe Connect Enterprise Server.

Complete product system requirements and recommendations are available on the Adobe website.

Issues Resolved with Adobe Connect

The following are some important issues resolved with this release, including both bug fixes and enhancements. It is not, however, an exhaustive list of all the implemented fixes. Please see the Adobe Connect Support Center for a more detailed list.


  • Only users in the Authors group are allowed to download the Adobe Presenter plug-in to create presentations.
  • Improved error handling around CSV user import
  • Added support for Secure LDAP protocol in addition to LDAP.


  • Added ability to manage rights for a selection of multiple users in the Participant List Pod.
  • Added an option to e-mail contents of the Chat, Note and Q&A pod as an alternative to copying and pasting.
  • Preserved the z-order of overlapping windows when switching between layouts.
  • Resolved issue where screen sharing stopped when switching layout.
  • In the named organizer model, users who are waiting for a meeting to start will now be let into the meeting once the host arrives.
  • In the named organizer model, resolved issue where meeting failover was not working.


  • Event administrators, who are invited to an event, can now approve or deny invitees.
  • Resolved issue where “Thank You” emails were sent more than once if the event was attended or viewed multiple times.


  • Added visual indicator for viewing content in Review Mode including a message at the top of the window.
  • Redesigned the learner’s view of the Curriculum Page to improve usability.
  • When selecting content from the content library to be included in a curriculum, the content is now automatically converted to a course to improve tracking & reporting.
  • After using the override function for a course to mark status as passed, the user will now see the course in Review Mode, preventing the user from retaking the course.
  • Resolved issue where in some instances using folders in a curriculum would cause the curriculum score to be incorrect by associating a score to the folder.
  • Curriculum reports now indicate which version of an item an enrollee has completed.
  • Added a visual indicator to show where a transcript has been overridden.
  • The curriculum scoring engine now consistently updates the status/score of the curriculum level transcript each time the curriculum status is updated. Training managers are warned that adding or removing curriculum items may cause conflicts in the transcripts of their users.


  • Reporting on custom fields is now available.

Adobe Presenter

Known Issues


The Breeze Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Outlook has not been updated for this release. Adobe Connect Enterprise Hosted users should update their Outlook Add-in settings to use the new URL.

[183059] The default size for customized logos has changed from 275 x 50 pixels to 360 x 50 pixels, causing existing logos to appear distorted.
WORKAROUND: Customized logos should be updated to fit the new default size.

[134993] Importing Non-UTF-8 encoded CSV files results in high-ascii and double-byte characters appearing corrupted.
WORKAROUND: Add the encoding as an extra parameter in the URL, e.g. http://HOST/admin/administration/user/import?encoding=jis

[171620] PDF files are not supported in the file browser for sharing documents.
WORKAROUND: Use the file share pod instead of the document share pod.

[188222] Some heavily-used meetings that were created weeks in the past may take an extra few seconds to load even after the progress bar reaches 100%.
WORKAROUND: Save the content associated with the meeting, delete the meeting, and create a new one with the same content.

[183159] Presentations still say "Macromedia Breeze Presentation." This indicates the presentation has been published using an older version of Presenter.
WORKAROUND: Download the latest version of Adobe Presenter and re-publish the presentation.

[185380] Even though you can see the Japanese or Korean text in Chat and Notes on your English OS with the proper fonts installed, you may not be able to send that text properly in an email unless you are using the Native OS.

Macintosh-specific Issues

[181187] With Flash Player 8 installed, Safari hangs when the meeting loses network connection.
WORKAROUND: Update to Flash Player 9

 [185441] When sending high-ascii or double-byte text from the notes pod via e-mail, the e-mail body may appear corrupted depending on the combination of web browser and e-mail client in use.
WORKAROUND: Use the Safari browser with the Apple Mail email client.


Additional resources are available online in the Adobe Connect Help Resources Center.

Additional documentation on configuring SSL for Adobe Connect Enterprise Server is available at

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