Adobe Connect Release Notes

Adobe Connect Enterprise 6, Service Pack 1 Release Notes

This document addresses issues that might not be discussed in the Adobe® Connect™ documentation and may be updated as more information becomes available.

About Adobe Connect

The Adobe Connect product family includes Adobe Connect Enterprise Server (licensed version) or Adobe Connect Enterprise Hosted (hosted service) and three modules—Adobe Connect Training, Adobe Connect Events, and Adobe Presenter—that support and extend the functionality of Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional to deliver training, marketing, and sales web communications solutions.

What's New in Adobe Connect 6 Service Pack 1

Indicating users entering a meeting as guests

Unregistered meeting users are now identified to the meeting host as when requesting entry as a guest into a meeting room. “(guest)” will appear after the user name in the notifier that appears to the host.

Warning when inviting large groups of people to a meeting or assigning large groups to a training

To avoid accidentally assigning an entire organization to a meeting or piece of training, users are now warned when taking certain actions on groups of over 50 people. This includes adding users to your content permissions, adding enrollees to your training, and adding participants to your meeting. Automatic email messages are now turned off by default for meetings and training.

For licensed customers, the group size limit may be set with the MAX_PERMISSION_SIZE variable in custom.ini

Daylight Savings Time Change

Beginning in 2007, Daylight Savings Time will begin on the second Sunday in March and end the first Sunday in November. The rule change is reflected in this Service Pack.

Upgrading to Adobe Connect 6 Service Pack 1

Upgrading to Adobe Connect Enterprise Hosted

All users of the Adobe Connect Enterprise Hosted service will automatically be upgraded to Service Pack 1.

Upgrading Adobe Connect Enterprise Server

Licensed users of Adobe Connect Enterprise Server can obtain the Service Pack 1 installer through the Licensed Support website. You will need to schedule downtime as the service pack installation process requires a server restart.


  1. Visit the Adobe Connect Enterprise Server Licensed Support site.
  2. In the Adobe Connect Downloads section of the page, click on the Adobe Connect 6 Service Pack 1 Installer link to download the .zip file containing the installer.
  3. Back up your custom.ini file. The installer will backup your appserver and comserver directories, but not that file.
  4. Unzip the package and run the installer on the Connect server machine(s).
  5. Reapply any customizations to custom.ini (and other configuration files), and re-install any custom .jar files.
  6. Restart your server after the installer is complete. 

System Requirements

For Adobe Connect Enterprise Server 6 (licensed) we now support and recommend use of Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

MSDE 2005 ships with Adobe Connect Enterprise Server.

Complete product system requirements and recommendations are available on the Adobe website.

Windows Vista and Office 2007 Support

Prior to shipping Adobe® Acrobat® Connect Professional software, Adobe tested it on a prerelease version of Microsoft® Windows Vista™. We are now actively testing Acrobat Connect Professional on the shipping version of Windows Vista. In the second half of 2007, we expect to issue a free Service Pack that will provide client support for Windows Vista.

Breeze 5.x and earlier will not support Windows Vista.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional and Adobe Presenter shipped prior to Microsoft Office 2007. Therefore, we are currently actively testing Acrobat Connect Professional and Presenter with the shipping version of Office 2007 and Office 2007 files. In mid- to late-2007, we expect to issue a free Service Pack that will provide support for Office 2007.

Breeze 5.x and earlier will not support Office 2007 or Office 2007 files.

Issues Resolved with Adobe Connect 6 Service Pack 1

The following are some of important issues resolved with this release including bug fixes and enhancement requests. It is, however, not an exhaustive list of all the implemented fixes. Bug numbers are listed where applicable


  • [193278] Resolved performance issue with XML API call:


  • [190436] Resolved issue where  new meetings based on customized templates were failing to load content
  • [191106] Resolved issue where users were not being listed properly in private rooms with auto-promote enabled


  • [192932] Resolved ‘request not processed’ error when clicking on information pages on a presentation, FLV or SWF in a curriculum
  • [188113, 184624, 179233] Eliminated inconsistent user completion requirements produced when active curriculums were edited
  • [193367] Resolved curriculum issue that was resulting in erroneous complete transcripts
  • [187385]  Resolved issue whereby learners became stuck in review mode after a training manager overrode the learner’s status to “Not Taken”
  • [190262] Eliminated incorrect error message seen when setting curriculum prerequisites
  • [192722] Resolved issues on SSL accounts that made course details inaccessible from within the Curriculum Information page


  • [194319] Resolved issues publishing updates to pre-existing Adobe Presenter content.


  • [192674] Resolved issue whereby “Summary” and “By Users” reports yielded incorrect results
  • [189561] “By Slides” report is now ordered by slide numbers by default.
  • [192507] Reverted change whereby Acrobat Professional meeting reports no longer included Adobe Presenter quiz response aggregate details.

Known Issues

[193263] Users may see an erroneous ”conversion failed” error after uploading a large PowerPoint presentation when using Internet Explorer 7.
Workaround: Download an updated version of the Acrobat Connect Add-in for Windows (version: win 7_0_455_0). This version of the standalone Add-in installer is also included in the Service Pack 1 installer for licensed customers.
Installation Steps:

    1. Login to Adobe Connect Enterprise
    2. Access the upgrade installer by clicking the Getting Started link on the Adobe Connect Manager home page.
    3. Click the Downloads link
    4. In the area labeled Adobe Acrobat Connect Add-in, click the Install Windows link.


Additional resources are available online in the Adobe Connect Help Resources Center.

Additional documentation on configuring SSL for Adobe Connect Enterprise Server is available at

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