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Adobe Connect Enterprise Server 6 SSL Configuration Guide

Explains how to configure a secure sockets layer (SSL) to provide secure communication for Adobe Connect Enterprise Server 6.
PDF (last updated 20 March 2007)

Adobe Connect Enterprise User Guide — Complete Help

Provides comprehensive task-based information for those who host and participate in meetings, and those who create and manage meetings, content, courses, events, seminars, training, and curriculums with Acrobat Connect Professional, Acrobat Connect Enterprise Manager, and Adobe Presenter applications.
LiveDocs  |  PDF

Adobe Acrobat Connect User Guide — Complete Help

Access step-by-step instructions on how to invite attendees to your meeting, share your screen, use audio and live video, and much more.
LiveDocs  |  PDF

Adobe Presenter User Guide — Complete Help

Provides complete information, including procedures for designing and creating presentations, adding audio, creating quizzes, publishing, and working with presentations in an Acrobat Connect Professional meeting room.
LiveDocs  |  PDF

Using Adobe Connect Enterprise Web Services

Provides a complete reference for the Connect Enterprise Web Services XML API, including best practices for building your own meeting and training applications, and a sample Java application.
LiveDocs  |  PDF

Adobe Connect Enterprise Server 6 Installation and Configuration Guide

Access instructions for installing and configuring Adobe Connect Enterprise Server and Connect Edge Server on a single server or a cluster of servers; integrating Connect Enterprise with your organization's directory service; implementing single sign-on, and configuring shared storage.

Adobe Connect Enterprise Server Administrator’s Guide

Provides information about reading and monitoring Connect Enterprise Server logs, maintaining the server, and running custom reports.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Collaboration Builder SDK

Provides Flash developers with the tools they need to extend the functionality of Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional meeting rooms and create applications that let meeting participants interact with content simultaneously.

Building a Custom Training Report

Describes how to merge data from Connect Enterprise reports into customized training reports by using Connect Enterprise Web Services, and adapting the sample Java code.
PDF  |  ZIP (40 KB)

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