Contribute Release Notes

Contribute 2.0 Release Notes

About Contribute

Macromedia® Contribute™ is the easiest way for individuals and teams to update and publish content to existing websites without knowing HTML. With Contribute, non-technical users can quickly and easily make content changes that respect existing website style, layout, and code. This helps web professionals save time and maintain control of editable content. Contribute is easy to set up and use, and works with any HTML website, including those built in Dreamweaver®, FrontPage®, and other web design tools.

System Requirements

Windows® Macintosh®
300 MHz processor or faster Mac G3 or faster
Windows® 98 SE, Me, 2000, or XP Mac® OS 10.1.5, 10.2.4, 10.2.5, or 10.2.6
Internet Explorer 5.0 or compatible
64 MB free available system RAM 128 MB free available system RAM
50 MB available disk space 60 MB available disk space
800 x 600,   8-bit (256 colors) display or better
This product must be activated over the Internet or phone prior to use.

Complete product system requirements and recommendations available at

For Contribute Beta Users

Beta 2 and Engineering Drop Build users.  Publish or cancel any existing drafts before you uninstall the Beta 2 or Engineering Drop build. 


If Contribute crashes when editing web pages containing Flash movies, update to the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.

Contribute does not integrate with source control systems such as Microsoft® Visual Source Safe or Perforce. If your team is using source control for your website, please contact your web administrator before using Contribute.

Site Connection Keys (.stc files) that contain Local/Network (LAN) information do not work cross-platform.  Macintosh .stc files for LAN can be used with other Macintosh machines.  Likewise, Windows .stc files for LAN can be used with other Windows machines.  However, they do not work across platforms.  FTP and SFTP keys can be shared across platforms.

If your site uses virtual directories, the Contribute Connection Wizard will not be able to automatically connect.  Instead, you will need to know the location on the server that the virtual directory points to.

If you are using a UNIX server with restrictive file permissions, Contribute should now be able to connect in most cases. To do so, Contribute will change permissions (chmod) for your file, or directory, before uploading that file.  Contribute should always ask before changing any permissions.

If you are using a UNIX server, and export a Connection Key to users without write access to the FTP root, you may have problems.  If you plan to do this, the Administrator that is initially exporting the key must have permission to write at the FTP root, at least while creating the Connection Key.

Sites hosted on older versions of Microsoft® Windows NT Servers may experience slow performance.

If you click the cancel button in the progress dialog while publishing a page, you may have problems.  You may get an error message stating that somebody else is editing the page, even though you know this is not the case.  If this happens, you should use the File > Publish As... dialog to get your page published to the server.  In general, it is best not to cancel network operations in Contribute.

If you're unable to use the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll a page, try installing the Microsoft® IntelliMouse®drivers. Even if you don't have a Microsoft IntelliMouse, installing these drivers will often solve the problem.

Custom JavaScript that modifies browser dimensions may cause the Contribute browser to resize as well.  You can manually resize the Contribute application window to resolve this problem.

Microsoft® Office® Integration Features

Sometimes when browsing to a Microsoft Office document in the Contribute browser, the browser displays a Save dialog box that is not related to Contribute. Click No to close the dialog box. If your intent is to edit the Microsoft document, make sure to click the Edit Page button before clicking in the document to avoid this problem. 

You cannot browse to a Microsoft Office document in the Contribute browser while the document is open in another browser. To resolve this, close the browser window, then open the document in Contribute.

You cannot insert, drag and drop, or paste Microsoft Office 97 documents directly into a Contribute draft.   However, you can copy content from an Office 97 document, then select Edit > Paste Text Only to add it to a Contribute draft.

If the Contribute browser shows an older version of a recently updated Microsoft Office document, click Refresh to see the updated page.?

In certain cases, you may lose some page formatting when inserting Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel content in a Contribute draft.

The "Import Microsoft Office document" feature does not work on Macintosh.  However, you can still copy and paste text from Office X, and Contribute will retain the formatting.

Naming Restrictions

Contribute's English version was not designed to fully support double-byte character usage.  In particular, it is recommended that you do not create pages, folders, or Group names that contain these characters. Also, pointing to these files using the Choose button will sometimes cause an "Access Denied" error message.  In general, using double-byte characters in file paths is not considered a "best practice", and should be avoided.

If you log on to your Operating System with a username that contains double-byte characters, you may experience some problems while running Contribute.

You will probably not be able to use the Insert > Microsoft Office Document feature if the Office Document has a double-byte filename.  To work around this, rename the Office Document so it does not have a double-byte filename.

You should not use extremely long file names, as neither Operating System sometimes has problems dealing with them.  If you encounter an "Access Denied" error and everything else seems OK, the path length may be the cause.

Contribute Browser on the Macintosh

On the Macintosh, Contribute uses the Opera browser.  There are a few known issues with this browser, which will appear in the Contribute browse window.  Specifically:

Opera will not properly render the CSS text-align attribute.

In some cases, Opera does not load linked CSS --you will need to hit Refresh in Contribute's browser to apply these stylesheets.

Website Administration Issues

If multiple users change the administration settings for the same site while working on different machines, only one user's changes will be accepted.

The Send Connection Key feature may not work correctly with all e-mail applications, including Netscape 7's email client.  As a workaround, select "Save to local machine" when exporting the key, and then save that key to your Desktoop.  From there, compose an e-mail message, and manually attach the saved connection key to the message.

FlashPaper Issues

The FlashPaper Application is currently designed to work in Windows XP and Windows 2000.  It will not work in Windows 98 or Windows ME.  It also does not work on the Macintosh.

Dreamweaver Users

You will need to use a different check-in/check-out name for Contribute than the one you use in Dreamweaver. If your user name in Dreamweaver is jsmith, you should use something like jsmith-Contribute in Contribute.


Contribute only works with templates created in Dreamweaver 4 or a later version.

When editing an instance of a template, the instance and its parent template must both be present on the web server. If they are not both present or if the parent template isn't located in the Templates folder at the root of the website, an error message may appear.  If the parent template is in the right location and the error still occurs, check the Administer Website settings to make sure the template isn't in the "hidden templates" list (Edit > Administer Website > Edit Groups > New Pages).

Windows-only Issues

You may not be able to make an FTP or SFTP connection when there are no existing connections. This is only the case when Contribute was launched immediately after installation, from the Installer itself.  To work around this, quit and re-start Contribute. This problem only occurs on Windows 98 and Windows ME.

The .Mac connection feature was not designed to work on the Windows platform.

Macintosh-only Issues

Several features do not work on the Macintosh: Internet Explorer Bookmarks, FlashPaper, and the Importing of documents from Microsoft Office.

Contribute on the Macintosh won't work with afp:// connections to non-MacOSX servers.  To connect to a IIS or UNIX server by LAN, you will need to manually mount that server using smb://, and then create your connection in Contribute.

The Opera browser may have some difficulty displaying pages generated by Apple .Mac users.  Since the Opera browser is embedded in Contribute, this means that .Mac-generated pages may not display correctly in Contribute.

When you copy a Flash Object, and paste that object on to a different page, the path to the file may not be written correctly.

Screenreader Issues

Jaws Screenreader may have problems with some radio buttons in a few Contribute dialogs.

Jaws Screenreader will not be able to read text inside of an H1 tag in Contribute.

Notices, Terms, Conditions, and Attribution

This software may contain third-party software which requires notices and/or additional terms and conditions. Such required third-party software notices and/or additional terms and conditions are made a part of and incorporated by reference into the End User License Agreement (EULA) covering this software.

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