Contribute Release Notes

Adobe Contribute 4 Release Notes

About Contribute 4

Adobe Contribute 4 is the fastest, easiest way for everyone to update websites and blogs. It provides a single “WYSIWYG” interface to publish to any number of websites and blogs, so that you can focus on creating web content. Contribute is fully integrated with Adobe Dreamweaver templates, so your pages look exactly as the designer intended them to, even when you add to or modify certain regions. It allows site administrators to control access to their websites, and assign roles to all contributors.

System Requirements

Starting with the Contribute 4 release, Contribute no longer supports Macintosh OS 10.1 or early versions of 10.2 and Windows 98. For more information, see the Contribute system requirements on the Adobe website.

What's New in Contribute 4

You can get a quick overview of what's new in Contribute 4. Also, be sure to check out the in-product tutorials and other resources for learning Contribute at the Contribute Developer Center. Find inspiration with tips, articles, tutorials, and resources, or steer your project to success with forums, code examples, exchanges, and reference materials. 

Issues Resolved with the Contribute 4 release

CSS rendering

A lot of CSS rendering fixes have gone into Contribute, allowing a rich user experience while editing a page with styles applied.

Support for absolute image path

In past versions of Contribute, the user could not provide absolute path for images as Contribute would convert them to relative path. This issue has been fixed in Contribute 4.The user can now provide absolute path to images in websites. Also note that Contribute would enforce absolute path only if the user wants to and not otherwise.

Better support for includes        

Corruption of PHP includes on publish has been fixed in Contribute 4

Known Issues


Please use a different user name in Contribute 4 than the one you use in Adobe Dreamweaver. If you are using CPS to manage your sites, you may end up having the same username on multiple machines. In this case, use the "Send for Review" feature to send drafts from one machine to the other.

Please uninstall the Contribute 4 Beta Release completely before installing and running the shipping version of Contribute 4.

Using Contribute 3 and Contribute 4 Together

Contribute 3 and Contribute 4 can be used together to edit the same website.

Connection Keys

Contribute 4 connection keys will not work with previous versions of Contribute.
Unlike other connection keys, connection keys to Contribute Publishing Services do not contain the end user's connection information-they contain only the URL for your publishing services. Users who receive this type of connection key still need to authenticate.

Windows and Macintosh Issues

Contribute is not able to generate templates or create/edit an entry for a blog that has been marked as spam by the blog server.

Dummy entry with the title #TITLE# and #CONTENT# in content is not removed if user stops the generation of template.

If the blog server does not have any defined categories or does not support any categories, then the Categories drop down box will show ‘None’.
Flash Video does not get displayed after publishing, if remote site is on a Windows 2003 server machine.

It is not possible to upload a file (by creating a link) which is not supported by the blog server to a new entry. Please find the files supported by the Blog server from the blog administrator.

When the user selects content with HTML form elements (ex: textbox, button, etc) in Internet Explorer and clicks Open in Contribute, Publish to Web, Quote from current page or Post to Blog on Contribute toolbar, the selection is not reflected in Contribute.

Inserting content that overflows the editable regions in a blog entry makes it non editable. Double click on the editable region should resolve this issue.

Windows Only Issues

When selection in browser/office document contains hyperlink to a document in a
local folder, clicking on the Contribute toolbar buttons results in the hyperlink pointing to a wrong path.

Already published entries get published as New Entries when the user switches back to original weblog after changing the weblog while editing entries.

When Contribute 3 is running and Contribute 4 is not running, Post to Blog from browser/office Application doesn’t prompt the user. The selection doesn’t open in Contribute.

When an excel file is opened in Contribute/browser by clicking a link in website/weblog and, another excel file from the system is opened, Contribute plug-in does not load.

SWF published using Post to Blog on Contribute toolbar from Microsoft Word/Excel
cuts the display portion of the SWF and does not display half of the SWF that got published on the site.

On choosing "Create a link to the selection document" for Post to Blog/Open in Contribute from Contribute Toolbar in Microsoft Word/Excel, does not delete the temporary File created on the local machine.

Publish to Web on the Contribute toolbar works only for excel files that are saved as "Microsoft Office Excel Workbook" format only. Anything other than Microsoft Office Excel Workbook (.xls) format is not supported in Contribute 4, Publish to Web workflow.

Macintosh Only Issues

If Firefox browser is installed after Contribute, then Contribute has to be re-installed to configure the Contribute toolbar plug-in for Firefox. Also note that during installation, Contribute displays the dialog asking for installing Firefox plug-in even if Firefox is not installed.


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